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Denver libraries could fall victim to budget cuts

Denver 9 News – “Budget cuts could soon mean fewer public libraries in a city with one of the highest literacy rates in the country. Denver could lose more than half of its 23 library branches under a new budget proposal by the Denver Public Library Commission.

“This is the first time it’s been this serious,” city librarian Shirley Amore, said. “We know how important these branches are to the communities and we do not want to close them.” Amore said these are dark times for Denver’s library system.”

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Augmented Reality App for Shelf Reading

More here – “The Augmented Reality App for Shelf Reading, developed by Miami University Augmented Reality Research Group (or just MU ARRG – ha!) and headed by Bo, will have librarians salivating over its potentially time-saving capabilities. Watch Bo demonstrate the app’s near-instant detection of out-of-order books on a shelf, followed by an on-screen shortest path algorithm to return misplaced books back to their locations. The icing on the cake – instant inventory of whole bookshelves, which would likely save hours of time per week for a typical librarian.”

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Michael Stipe “Gets Nervous”

Great interview Jimmy!

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This is so cute.

Librarian Rap

I’m posting this because I sat through this and now you have to. 

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