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The National Library collects the real stuff of history

UH books buyer speaks

Librarian Challenges Grade Schoolers to Change the World with $5


Fox4KC – “At the end of the school year, students at Pleasant Lea Elementary in Lee’s Summit, Mo., received five dollars each with the instruction that they should try to change the world with it. The idea of going into the summer with five dollars and a mission to accomplish came from Beth Smith, the school librarian. She retired this year and wanted to leave the children with one final lesson. She raised $3,000 for the project and then distributed the money evenly to each student.”

Librarian spreads reading across world

Librarian + Internet = Better Tomatoes

I love this!!

Valley libraries flip a page in the digital age

ABC15 – “Valley librarians are working hard to make sure their books don’t collect dust in the digital age. In the era of instant downloads, when even big chain bookstores are closing, are public libraries still relevant? The numbers illustrate an interesting story. Rita Marko with the Phoenix Public Library tells ABC15 that physical visitors to the libraries are down 9 percent since 2010, online users are quite strong at 24 million hits so far this year. That’s on par with numbers from 2010.”

Book pulled from shelves at PHX school following mom’s push for ban

ABC15 – “Judging from its cover, Hilary Lockhart thought her daughter’s new book with a teenage girl on the front was harmless. Then she read it.

“Shocked,” was how she described her reaction.

Now, “Lovingly Alice” has been pulled from the shelves at Lockhart’s daughter’s school in Phoenix until the district can decide appropriate action for the next school year.”

University of Chicago’s Robotic Library Makes Your Librarian Obsolete

Gizmodo – “Tomorrow, The University of Chicago will be changing how their students will be doing their research papers. The Joe and Rika Mansueto Library will use a massive automated retrieval system, turning the whole library experience on it’s head.”

Book Banning


Denver libraries could fall victim to budget cuts

Denver 9 News – “Budget cuts could soon mean fewer public libraries in a city with one of the highest literacy rates in the country. Denver could lose more than half of its 23 library branches under a new budget proposal by the Denver Public Library Commission.

“This is the first time it’s been this serious,” city librarian Shirley Amore, said. “We know how important these branches are to the communities and we do not want to close them.” Amore said these are dark times for Denver’s library system.”

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