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Self-published zines are now in Cleveland Heights-University Heights main library

“Zines, those unrestricted, often handmade works by fans of niche topics, have found a home at the Cleveland Heights-University Heights main library on Lee Road.A batch of zines recently was donated to the library and is now among the books, graphic novels and magazines. Zine topics can include any number of themes, such as feminism, rebellion, super heroes and personal adventures.The library is one of the few in Ohio with a collection of zines, or fanzines as they are sometimes called. Cleveland Public Library has a collection.” (via cleveland.com)

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Zine-ophile: OSU librarian Kelly McElroy hopes you’ll give zines a look

“Tucked between seats on the bus, left near the cash register at 7-11, peeking out from behind the proselytizing literature on the rickety book rack at a Greyhound station: maybe you’ve seen one already and didn’t realize it. Zines are self-published booklets, typically assembled on a shoestring budget and made to be traded away or sold for only a few bucks.

“Almost anyone can make one,” said zine librarian Kelly McElroy. And that’s kinda the point.” (via Gazette Times)

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Zines were the scene

“Zines, self-published, self-distributed works tackling topics overlooked by the mainstream media, were a popular form of expression and communication in the 1980s and early ’90s. They were quite often described as labors of love by their authors. Over the summer, they became a labor of love for two Harvard seniors. Caitlin Ballotta and Nora Garry spent 10 weeks in Widener Library poring over the recent acquisition of about 20,000 zines and related materials. It’s been an eye-opening experience for the two women, and an important look at the issues and the stories that dominated the fringes of pop culture before the arrival of the Internet.” (via arvard Gazette)

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Raised on the Web, but Liking a Little Ink

NYT – “ON a trip to an indie bookstore in Brooklyn in the summer, I came across a curious creation: a small, black-and-white publication that consisted entirely of snapshots of Lindsay Lohan, known for her movie roles in “Mean Girls” and “The Parent Trap,” and, more recently, for her well-publicized courtroom appearances. This print tribute to Ms. Lohan, called Lindzine, reignited my obsession with zines — mini-magazines that are generally made by hand and are available only in small quantities. It’s a passion I’ve had since my teens, though one I’d neglected in recent years.”

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Somerville gets zine library

Wicked Local – “After more than four years in Harvard Square, the Papercut Zine Library has found a new home in Somerville. When the library reopens next week, patrons will once again be able to borrow a variety of independently produced media, dealing with everything from politics to the author’s private thoughts. “We have a pretty broad definition of ’zines,’” said Clara Hendricks, a member of the collective that runs Papercut. “They’re independent or underground, sometimes handmade, publications. We do have some glossy printed magazines, but they are all independent. The vast majority of our collection is photocopied, handmade. We archive some of that stuff that you wouldn’t find at the public library.”

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