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Brigham Young University Lifts YouTube Ban After 3 Years

AP – “Administrators lifted the ban on Friday, citing an increasing amount of educational material on the popular video-sharing site, university spokeswoman Carri Jenkins said. YouTube has its own filters for porn, but BYU added it to the list of Web sites blocked by campus online filters in 2006 because administrators felt there was too much content that could violate the school’s strict, conservative standards.”

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National Archives Launches YouTube Channel

Press Release – "On Friday, June 19, the National Archives will formally launch a YouTube channel to showcase popular archived films, inform the public about upcoming events around the country, and bring National Archives exhibits to the people. The launch will coincide with the National Archives 75th Anniversary.

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Library Of Congress Films Now Appearing On YouTube

NPR – “By now most people are aware of the joint venture between the Library of Congress and Flickr to post and promote photographs long cloistered within the LOC's stacks. But did you know about the new initiative between LOC and YouTube?”

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Court Orders Removal of Deposition From YouTube

Legal Blog Watch – “Depositions are a matter of public record, and as such, most lawyers never think to shield videotaped deposition testimony from public disclosure except in cases involving highly sensitive or proprietary information. After all, up until a few years ago, even if someone wanted to disseminate inflammatory or embarrassing deposition video, there wasn’t any way to do so conveniently.”

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Guns Don’t Kill People….

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