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Who really runs Wikipedia?

“LATE last month Amanda Filipacchi, an American writer, discovered that the editors of Wikipedia, a crowdsourced online encyclopaedia, were re-categorising female American authors from “American Novelists” to to “American Women Novelists”. No corresponding “American Men Novelists” subject area existed at that time. The process seemingly happened sub rosa, through the actions of several editors. After she published an article in the New York Times pointing this out, Ms Filipacchi found that her own Wikipedia entry was edited numerous times for spurious and sometimes vindictive reasons. “Wikipedia is created and edited by its users,” she observed. But when it comes to recategorising novelists, or vetting changes to individual pages, who actually makes the decisions?” (via The Economist)

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Wikipedia’s Women Problem

“There is consternation at Wikipedia over the discovery that hundreds of novelists who happen to be female were being systematically removed from the category “American novelists” and assigned to the category “American women novelists.” Amanda Filipacchi, whom I will call an American novelist despite her having been born in Paris, set off a furor with an opinion piece on the New York Times website last week. Browsing on Wikipedia, she had suddenly noticed that women were vanishing from “American novelists”—starting, it seemed, in alphabetical order.” (via The New York Review of Books)

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Announcing the official Commons app for iOS and Android

“Love taking photos on your smartphone? Now you don’t need to wait to get home to upload your high quality educational photos to Wikimedia Commons, the free image repository used by Wikipedia and many other projects. The official Wikimedia Commons app for iOS and Android allows you to quickly and easily upload your photos to Commons. You can also upload multiple files and add categories (Android only so far) and share your uploads through your favorite image sharing sites. Your contributions to Commons can help illustrate the world’s largest encyclopedia and make knowledge come to life for millions of readers around the globe.” (via Wikimedia blog)

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National Library of Scotland recruits “Wikipedian”

“The National Library of Scotland has announced plans to recruit a full-time “Wikipedian” The £30,000-a-year pro rata role – a first for Scotland – will involve using the library’s collections to update the online user-led encyclopaedia. The library said its “Wikipedian-in-residence” would also teach staff and the public how to add to the site. It is the first large-scale partnership between Wikimedia and a Scottish institution.” (via BBC News)

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Carry the entirety of Wikipedia in your pocket with Kiwix for Android

“Kiwix isn’t just Yet Another Wikipedia app. Once you install it on your Android device, you can actually use it to download the whole website, and access its millions of articles even when you’re offline or when you don’t want to use your data plan. You can also download smaller and custom selections of pages, if you’re short on storage space.” (via Wikimedia blog)

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Toronto students question whether Wikipedia really is open to everyone

“A recent dust-up between Wikipedia and Canada’s largest university raises questions about how collaborative the popular website that bills itself as “the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit” truly is. The online information portal recently took a professor from the University of Toronto to task for one of his classroom assignments. Steve Joordens urged the 1,900 students in his introductory psychology class to start adding content to relevant Wikipedia pages. The assignment was voluntary, and Joordens hoped the process would both enhance Wikipedia’s body of work on psychology while teaching students about the scientist’s responsibility to share knowledge.” (via CTV News)

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Help illustrate Wikipedia: uploads now live on mobile web

“Wikipedia isn’t just the encyclopedia anyone can edit—it’s also the encyclopedia anyone can illustrate. Starting this week, logged in users browsing the mobile web on smartphones with upload capability will see a new feature: the ability to add images to articles that lack them. In one easy step, you can upload an image from your phone’s camera or image library and add it directly to an article that has no images. You can also donate images for use on articles that already have images but may need more.” (via Wikimedia blog)

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A Driving Force Behind Wikipedia Will Step Down

“Sue Gardner, who oversaw a period of rapid growth and evolution of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, said she would step down as executive director of the nonprofit foundation that runs it. In an interview on Wednesday, Ms. Gardner, 45, said she would leave in roughly six months, after the Wikimedia Foundation board had picked a successor. She said she wanted to advocate more directly on behalf of an open Internet, by starting a nonprofit group, writing a book or joining an advocacy organization.” (via NYTimes.com)

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Wikipedia expects to offer SMS-based access within months

“Wikipedia has long been pushing for access to its communal knowledge among those who can’t afford the latest technology, going so far as to strike deals with carriers to deliver free mobile web viewing. It’s set to expand that reach to those for whom any advanced cellphone is out of the question. In part through the help of a Knight News Challenge grant and South Africa’s Praekelt Foundation, the non-profit’s Wikipedia Zero effort will offer its content through SMS and USSD messages in the next few months.”

via Engadget

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Adding guided tours to Wikipedia

“One of the great strengths of Wikipedia is that community members can employ the same tool used to write the encyclopedia – a wiki – for collaborating on documentation about the project. The downside of this approach is that these pages, written by encyclopedists, tend to be broad and extremely detailed. New contributors to Wikipedia face a daunting list of thousands of help pages, policies, guidelines, and best practices that have developed over our 12-year history. Today, we’re happy to announce interactive guided tours, a new software feature that will enable Wikipedia editors and readers to learn about the project in a way that is much easier to digest. Wiki-based documentation can now be complemented by concise, step-by-step instructions presented via tooltips. Instead of simply describing a process, we can show you how to complete it yourself, and when you’ve seen enough, you can dismiss a tour instantaneously.”

via Wikimedia blog

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