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College students take to Wikipedia to rewrite the wrongs of Internet science

“The time had come to choose a major at Caltech, and Alice Michel had a notion that intrigued her. But when she looked it up on Wikipedia, what she got was a whole lot of gobbledygook.It was, she learned, an “interdisciplinary field of scientific research.” It had something to do with “the biosphere, the lithosphere and/or the atmosphere.”Here was a subject worthy of an entire area of study on campus, but its Wikipedia entry was “totally useless.” (via LA Times)

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Is Wikipedia the largest-ever digital humanities project? Exploring an emerging relationship

“Digital humanities is an area of research where humanities and computing collide; it’s a field of study that creates an opportunity to understand Wikipedia from new perspectives, such as its value in the preservation of historical memory and collective knowledge. For this reason, the Digital Humanities Network (Red HD) invited me to participate as speaker in the XXXIV International Latin American Studies Association Congress (LASA), celebrated in New York City from 27 to 30 May.” (via Wikimedia Blog)

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Meet the amateur photographer who has taken the most featured pictures on Wikimedia Commons

“In his day job, Delso works for an automotive manufacturer to develop electric and hybrid cars. By night, Diego Delso has taken the most “featured” pictures of any editor on Wikimedia Commons, the freely licensed media file repository. Delso, who goes by the username Poco a poco, has contributed over 15,000 images to Commons, including 306 that have been marked as “featured”—a quality level that only the top 0.027% of all images on the site have attained. He’s also credited with 8,696 “quality” images, which have to meet a different set of technical criteria and be taken by an editor on Commons.” (via Wikimedia Blog)

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Android app now offers new ways to browse Wikipedia and find trending, recommended articles

“Wikipedia has been there for the past fifteen years when you needed to search a quick fact, research a topic, or settle a bet. But what about when you’re looking for something interesting to read on the metro, or have a few minutes to browse while you’re on break? The Wikipedia app for Android has been redesigned to not only help you find the information you need now, but also to provide interesting, recommended Wikipedia content to dive into when you have a bit of spare time.” (via Wikimedia Blog)

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OCLC Wins Knight News Challenge Award to Promote Collaboration between Public Libraries and Wikipedia

“OCLC has been named a winner of the Knight News Challenge, an initiative of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, for a project that will promote collaboration between public libraries and Wikipedia and bring together authoritative library resources and contributors to one of the most popular information resources on the web.The project was selected as a winner from more than 600 applications and 47 semifinalists. Launched in September 2015, the Knight News Challenge on Libraries is funding breakthrough ideas that help libraries serve 21st century information needs.” (via OCLC)

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