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Find, Prioritize, and Recommend: An article recommendation system to fill knowledge gaps across Wikipedia

“The French Wikipedia may have more than 20,000 articles on individual asteroids, but if you are one of 27 million people speaking Hausa as a first language, Wikipedia doesn’t yet have an entry on the universe. The English Wikipedia may have more than 5 million articles on topics as diverse as extreme sports or unusual causes of death, but if English is the only language you speak, there is still little to no content to learn from about vast regions of the world—as the map above suggests.” (via Wikimedia blog)

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Wikipedia Is Basically a Corporate Bureaucracy, According to a New Study

“Wikipedia is a voluntary organization dedicated to the noble goal of decentralized knowledge creation. But as the community has evolved over time, it has wandered further and further from its early egalitarian ideals, according to a new paper published in the journal Future Internet. In fact, such systems usually end up looking a lot like 20th century bureaucracies.Even in the brave new world of online communities, the Who had it right: “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” (via Gizmodo)

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Engaging librarians (and others) through social technologies: A #1lib1ref think-piece

“The Wikimedia movement has long prospered at the intersection of technology and social initiative. After all, the [edit] button on the top of every page is a deceptively simple piece of technology that allows communities of editors to continuously improve the “sum of all human knowledge.” As Wikipedia’s community has grown, so have technologies that allow increasingly sophisticated ways of advancing our amazing mission. How can we take these collaborations even further?As part of the Wikipedia 15 birthday celebration (#Wikipedia15) in January 2016, the Wikipedia Library team (@WikiLibrary) ran a social media campaign asking librarians all over the world to “Imagine a World where Every Librarian Added One More Reference to Wikipedia.” We called it #1lib1ref.” (via Wikimedia blog)

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A Surprising Number of Women Are Missing from Wikipedia, but One Woman Is Changing That

“It is an unfortunate fact that Wikipedia has very few female editors, and there’s evidence that the females who do contribute to the online encyclopedia receive a significant amount of harassment from their male counterparts. According to a recent Smithsonian article, one female editor of Wikipedia has a backlog of 118 harassing, abusive emails about her work.This woman is Emily Temple-Wood. Back in 2012 she volunteered for a Wikipedia edit-a-thon to honor Ada Lovelace, a nineteenth-century mathematician. As a result, she noticed a serious lack of female representation among the site’s many articles. Furious, she typed out a profile of Ann Bishop, a British biologist, in her dorm room late that night. From then on, the med student embarked on a mission to raise the profile of women scientists on the platform.” (via Verily)

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Cornell takes big red pen to Wikipedia life sciences content

“If you can’t beat it, edit it.That was the idea behind a March 11 event that brought students, staff and faculty together at Mann Library to improve the quality of agriculture and life sciences content on Wikipedia.” (via Cornell Chronicle)

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Wharton dropout creates Wikipedia alternative alongside Rap Genius co-founder

“Everipedia is more than your classic startup led by a team of college dropouts. Everipedia’s vision is to become the most accessible online encyclopedia that can be edited by members of the public. Branded as “Everyone’s Encyclopedia,” the startup differs from its major competitors like Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica in that anyone can make their own page by creating a free account.The company is run by a team that includes the cofounder of Rap Genius, Mahbod Moghadam, and Wharton sophomore George Beall, as well as co-founders Sam Kazemian and Theodor Forselius. The founders say the company is currently valued at $10 million.” (via The Daily Pennsylvanian)

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Wikipedia and the Momentum of Tiny Edits

“Among the top-50 longest articles on the English language version Wikipedia, you’ll find lists of comets, Amtrak stations, shipwrecks, fictional astronauts, and cult films. There is a timeline of Baltimore and a look at electric car use by country, along with articles about firearms, Dutch inventions, and rare birds.If there’s a unifying theory here, a rule about why some topics have sprawling Wikipedia pages and others are relative blips, it’s not immediately evident. A lot of the heftiest articles are in list format, but the topics are all over the map.” (via The Atlantic)

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Tireless and dedicated: Justin Knapp

“Justin Anthony Knapp is a tireless and dedicated American Wikipedian from Indianapolis, Indiana. He has over 1,495,000 edits on English Wikipedia and a total of more than 1,523,000 edits on all Wikimedia projects—a volume which many dedicated Wikimedians will find difficult to achieve. He was ranked No. 1 among the most active Wikipedia contributors of all time, a feat that added to his notability and led to a separate article on Justin Knapp in the English and many other language Wikipedias.” (via Wikimedia blog)

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New Wikipedia app for iOS puts the joy of exploration in your hand

“The newly released Wikipedia app for iOS is designed to put that joy of exploration in your hands. The app features articles and images tailored to your interests and surroundings through the new Explore feed.” (via Wikimedia blog)

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Wikimedia Foundation details requests to alter or remove content in new Transparency Report

“In November 2015, the Wikimedia Foundation legal team received an email seeking control of an article on English Wikipedia about a dance group. The writers said that they were former members of the group, and argued that edits made by other dancers infringed their trademark. We explained that writing an article about a notable topic is not infringement, and suggested that they work with Wikipedia editors if they’d like to improve the article.” (via Wikimedia)

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