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“We All Need Wikipedia.” Why This Foundation Is Giving Millions for Open Knowledge

“Knowledge is a slippery thing these days. Nearly half of Americans get their news from Facebook, a proprietary, opaque delivery system engineered to make money. We’re also seeing the rise of online sources deliberately seeking to mislead for political or commercial reasons. Perhaps most disturbing, the soon-to-be president of the United States has displayed a flagrant disregard for the truth. Sure, the internet has opened up huge reserves of information that anyone can turn to, but storing, maintaining, and organizing it in a neutral and reliable way is an immense challenge.” (Inside Philanthropy)

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Wikimedia Foundation receives $3 million grant from Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to make freely licensed images accessible and reusable across the web

“The Wikimedia Foundation, with a US$3,015,000 grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, is leading an effort to enable structured data on Wikimedia Commons, the world’s largest repository of freely licensed educational media. The project will support contributors’ efforts to integrate Commons’ media more readily into the rest of the web, making it easier for people and institutions to share, access, and reuse high-quality and free educational content.” (via Wikimedia Blog)

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Wikipedia was born in 2001. And the world got a bit truthier

“Jan. 15, 2001?Sixteen years ago, while working on Nupedia, an online encyclopedia written by scholars, Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger launched a second free online encyclopedia that anyone could contribute to. Called Wikipedia, it didn’t initially attract much attention. It took about nine months before mainstream newspapers took note of it and only slightly longer for millions of students to start cribbing from it for school papers.” (via The Washington Post)

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Death, politics, and Vincent van Gogh: 2016 as seen through the lens of Wikipedia

“Anecdotally, 2016 was a year of transition and change in much of the western world. Some events could be described as tragedy, others as cause for celebration.Regardless of how you feel about this year, Wikipedia editors were there to help you understand what happened in 2016 and then some. Without further ado, here is 2016 as seen through the most-edited articles on the English Wikipedia, both for the full year and by month.” (via Wikimedia Blog)

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Thngs wants to be a Wikipedia for physical objects

“Moscow-based Thngs is building something akin to a Wikipedia for physical objects. Although, given that the startup is already working on ways to monetize its offering, purists will likely take issue with that comparison. Working with museums initially, Thngs wants to create a digital repository of physical objects, including high quality images and descriptions, so that they are not lost forever.” (via TechCrunch)

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