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Wikimedia Foundation intervenes in Canada to protect online free expression

“The Wikimedia Foundation has filed a motion to intervene in the upcoming Canadian Supreme Court case Equustek v. Google. The Foundation’s filing challenges overly broad global content removal orders that threaten online free expression and access to information. If the motion is granted, the Foundation will have eight weeks to submit a formal brief.” (via Wikimedia Blog)

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Keep it free: public domain for California government works under threat

“The California legislature is considering AB 2880, a bill that would allow the state and local government to hold copyright on their works. The bill has been widely—and rightfully, in our view—criticized for its negative impact on the public domain and civil discourse. As such, the Wikimedia Foundation has sent a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee to join other groups in calling for the California senate to reject this bill.Currently, most works by the California state government are not restricted by copyright—they are part of the public domain, available to be used freely by everyone with no restrictions. The public domain allows everyone to access, copy, share, and remix works, including adding them to Wikipedia articles.” (via Wikimedia blog)

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Wikimedia Reveals Work On Knowledge Graph Search Engine

“On the heels of launching the largest site to house entertainment content, the Wikimedia Foundation has confirmed it is serious about search and has begun to disclose details of its Knowledge Engine grant from the Knight Foundation. The project aims to improve the discoverability of content across Wikipedia sister portals.” (via MediaPost)

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Wikipedia celebrates 15 years of free knowledge

This Friday marks the 15th anniversary of Wikipedia, the world’s free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. This week, we celebrate not just Wikipedia, but the birth of an idea: that anyone can contribute to the world’s knowledge. Globally, readers and editors are coming together to celebrate, with nearly 150 events across six continents. From editing marathons in Bangladesh and lectures in Switzerland, to picnics in South Africa and a conference in Mexico, the world is celebrating the joy of knowledge.As part of this milestone, the Wikimedia Foundation is pleased to announce the Wikimedia Endowment, a permanent source of funding to ensure Wikipedia thrives for generations to come.” (via Wikimedia blog)

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Supporting access to mass digitization collections

“The Wikimedia Foundation, in coordination with Creative Commons and the Internet Archive, urges the U.S. Copyright Office not to propose a pilot program that inhibits fair use or undermines freely accessible mass digitization projects. The program aims to make copyright policy less of a burden on institutions that make digital versions of their collections available. While this is an admirable goal, we feel that the Copyright Office’s pilot program is limited, and will unnecessarily restrict access to digitized collections. We have submitted comments to the Copyright Office today criticizing the Office’s proposed mass digitization pilot program. Creative Commons and the Internet Archive also submitted their own comments today.” (via Internet Archive)

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