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Wikis: Whither Wikis? The State of Collaborative Web Publishing

Technology News – “Sure, Wikipedia still has a page for everything from Charlemagne to Chewbacca, but it seems more attention now is focused on kick-back-and-have-fun social networks, not hit-the-books-and-contribute-some-research wikis. Has the wiki well run dry?”

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Apple sued by wiki publisher for “baseless” legal threat

Guardian – “Apple sued by an online publisher that claims it tried to stifle free speech by demanding removal of a wiki on how to bypass iTunes software and its DRM.

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A quarter million teachers to get free wikis

Webware – “A San Francisco wiki services provider has just finished a multiyear project under which it gave teachers all over the world 100,000 free wikis. And now, it is doubling up and getting set to give away another quarter million.”

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`Wiki Moments` Lead to Better Collaboration

eWeek – “In the course of covering the evolution of collaboration software, some bloggers are tracking “wiki moments,” ideas that start as seeds and germinate into big bouquets of contemplation and collaboration.”

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Wikis: Inciting Collaboration

Davey Winder – “Think of a wiki as a natural extension to the blogging concept, a classification-centric medium which allows for a freedom of content manipulation across a community of users that can’t be found in any other comparable technology. By engendering enthusiasm and commitment from every user, the wiki can become the perfect tool for the evolution of ideas.”

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