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For Those in the Digital Dark, Enlightenment Is Borrowed From the Library

“Joey Cabrera stands for part of most evenings on the doorstep of the Clason’s Point Library, near 172nd Street and Morrison Avenue in the Bronx. There, he taps into the Wi-Fi that seeps out of the library after it closes. He checks in on Tumblr, Snapchat, Facebook — “the usual stuff,” he said — and plays Lost Saga, a video game developed in Korea. “Formerly, I played Minecraft, but this is less mainstream, an inside thing with my friends,” Joey said. Then there is a basic maneuver in skateboarding that he is mastering, the Pop Shove It. He studies the technique at the library doorstep.” (via NYTimes.com)

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Legal threat after bootleg prompts change at library

Des Plaines – “The Des Plaines Public Library is changing its wi-fi policy after being threatened with a federal lawsuit because a patron used its internet to bootleg an Academy Award-winning movie.

The new policy hasn’t been crafted yet, but those caught illegally downloading will most likely be banned from the library and from using its services for a certain amount of time, said Library Director Holly Sorenson.

“If this happened several times in a row, the response would have been sterner,” Sorenson said, adding there apparently was one download by somebody who can’t be tracked. “We felt this was a conservative approach.”

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Borders pulls a B&N, offers free WiFi to all patrons

From the “It’s about time” department

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Public Wi-Fi: Be Very Paranoid

BusinessWeek – “Wireless services in airports, cafés, and hotels are often not encrypted. So user beware.”

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