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Remarkable Lessons In Innovation From A Public Library

“There are two ways to run a public library in a small town: the traditional way, or the Maxine Bleiweis way. For the past 17 years, Maxine has been the director of The Westport Library in our suburban town of 27,000 people. In her hands, the library hasn’t just been a place to get books. It’s been a vibrant tool for bringing out the best in others. The Library offers over 1,600 programs annually. To my eyes, Maxine has no conception of the word “can’t.” Some think that public libraries can’t be noisy, boisterous, provocative, outrageous or entertaining. They can’t buy – and program – robots, or attract thousands of inventors, scientists and hobbyists for a single event.” (via Forbes)

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Library Drops ‘Public’ From Its Name

“Without fanfare, the Westport Public Library has dropped “Public” from its name. Since it first opened its doors in 1886, the library has been known as a public library. It’s just that Morris Jesup, who founded it, did not then include the word “public” in its name. Over the years, however, it’s been called the Westport Public Library. In December 2010, the library proudly unveiled its new WPL logo with “Public” prominent in its name.” (via WestportNow.com)

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