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Law librarian fingerprints are all over WestlawNext

Legal Current – “In conversations with customers since the launch of WestlawNext, we’ve been energized by their reaction to the new service. In many cases, it’s a shared pride – more than 3,000 legal professionals touched the new service or the research around it at some point during the development process. We set out with the mission of making the law more transparent and accessible – something that I know we share with law librarians. So it’s especially important to me to acknowledge the ways the librarian community helped in developing WestlawNext:”

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Westlaw on Twitter

LawyerKM – “Westlaw even has a Twitter account that you can follow, if you like.”

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American Law Reports – RIP for Lexis Users

Information Today – “The move by Thomson West’s Westlaw legal information service to pull its ALR content from competitor LexisNexis will not be a popular one with Lexis users—especially this Lexis user and her patrons! LexisNexis plans to offer new and upgraded services in response (see below), so the one-upmanship battle between the last legal information empires left standing grinds on. In its wake lie the customers, reeling from the never-ending cycle of having valuable information pulled out from under them again and again and again.”

I used ALR twice today. 🙁

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