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“Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, and BlumbergExcelsior, Inc., a leading supplier of online law forms, have signed a strategic licensing agreement which will add more than 230 Blumberg forms to current content on Westlaw Form Builder. The list of forms covers several practice areas including litigation, real estate, landlord/tenant and powers of attorney.”

via Press Release.

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Bloomberg’s big bite for billions of legal dollars

paidContent – “For decades, the multibillion dollar market for legal research has been a cozy club for two. But now financial giant Bloomberg has fully powered up Bloomberg Law, a rival that could at last disrupt the status quo. For Bloomberg, the new legal product is an expensive test of the company’s ability to find a major revenue stream outside its core financial business. But it also raises the question of how a stodgy industry is responding to sweeping changes that makes it easier for Americans to look up the law.”

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New online legal service debuts in NZ

Voxy – “Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, announced that it has launched Westlaw NZ, the latest development in online research for legal professionals in New Zealand. Westlaw NZ offers unrivaled content from case law and journals, legislation and commentary to precedents and news, as well as tax information. The technology behind the intuitive search capability within Westlaw NZ helps direct users to precise points of law and extends a new level of confidence that information is authoritative, current and the results are comprehensive. Built upon state-of-the-art Westlaw technology, Westlaw NZ was developed specifically for New Zealand customers and modeled after Thomson Reuters online legal information services in the United Kingdom, United States, Asia, India and South America.”

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Press Release – “The WestlawNext iPad app now features enhanced folder sharing capabilities. Users can save their research results, including notes and KeyCite® warning flags, in folders that can be instantly shared with others. For instance, an attorney or researcher in an office can share research with an attorney in a court setting or collaborate with a client on a specific matter. Users can also tap into previous research across departments and organizational boundaries, allowing them to access and share a vast repository of increasingly valuable knowledge anywhere, anytime.”

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Old-School Prisoner Wants Books, Not Westlaw

Legal As She Is Spoke – “Law school librarians bemoan the fact that today’s students typically turn their noses up at the bound volumes of legal decisions, in favor of electronic legal research sources like Westlaw or Lexis. If only they had Dwayne Harris as a student. Since 1989, Mr. Harris has been serving time in an Ohio state prison for rape, kidnapping, felonious assault and aggravated assault convictions. Frustrated that the prison library replaced law books with computer access to Westlaw, Mr. Harris has sued the prison, requesting $80,000 in compensatory damages and up to $200,000 in punitive damages for the violation of his constitutional right to a law library.”

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Thomson Reuters Touts ‘Knowledge Effect’ In New Corporate Branding Campaign

Forbes – Realizing that consumers aren’t familiar with the full range of services the company offers, Thomson Reuters this week breaks an ad campaign touting the power of “The Knowledge Effect.”

The latter is a phenomenon that refers to what happens when professionals in the legal, healthcare and accounting sectors, among others, are armed with the right information at their fingertips. In today’s high speed, digital information age, business professionals with access to relevant data can make “the right decisions faster and with more confidence,” says Thomson Reuters, whose bread-and-butter business is in the intelligent information industry.”

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Thomson Reuters cutting 60 jobs in Eagan

TwinCities.com – “Thomson Reuters, the New York-based publishers of Westlaw and other legal information services, will lay off 60 workers at its campus in Eagan. The company is restructuring and creating jobs while eliminating others in Eagan, which is home to its legal division, Thomson Reuters spokesman John Shaughnessy said today. "Once the entire process is complete, we expect to have around 60 fewer employees on the Eagan campus," he said. The company did not say when the layoffs would take effect.”

They also cut many librarian relations positions this week.

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WestlawNext Update: $3,400/Hour Legal Research Has Arrived

Legal Blog Watch – “We (and everybody else) have previously reported on the beginnings of the rollout of WestlawNext. Part of the marketing initiative was to conduct “roadshows,” where the Thomson Reuters folks could get a bunch of lawyers and/or academic users in a room and demonstrate why their new product was the proverbial greatest thing since sliced bread. The roadshows held earlier this month, as reported by Mark Giangrande at the Law Librarian Blog, began with an announcement that no questions about pricing would be entertained. However, in the past couple of weeks, some pricing information has come to light. And it’s an eye-opener. Well, the kind of eye-opener that makes you want to close them real tight again and hope the whole thing was a dream.”

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Impressions of the WestlawNext Tour

Law Librarian Blog – “Today is the day the WestlawNext coming out party hit Chicago. I went to the Hyatt Regency Hotel early this morning for breakfast and the West demo.”

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Law librarian fingerprints are all over WestlawNext

Legal Current – “In conversations with customers since the launch of WestlawNext, we’ve been energized by their reaction to the new service. In many cases, it’s a shared pride – more than 3,000 legal professionals touched the new service or the research around it at some point during the development process. We set out with the mission of making the law more transparent and accessible – something that I know we share with law librarians. So it’s especially important to me to acknowledge the ways the librarian community helped in developing WestlawNext:”

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