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Someone is Trying to Save You From Awful Books at the Boston Public Library

“February is Library Lovers’ Month, a time of year when you would expect bookworms to cuddle up in warmly lit bookstack nooks and whisper (literally whisper, this is the library we’re talking about) sweet nothings into the pages of their beloved novels. But those who visit the Boston Public Library’s “BiblioCommons” portal, which hosts user-generated reviews and reading lists by Boston Public Library members, might spot someone who appears to be a “hater” amongst all of the lovers. A user who goes by the name “noluckboston,” has used BiblioCommons to tag 74 books in the Boston Public Library system as “awful library book.” The tag “awful library book” is featured amongst some more typical categories to classify books, such as “suspense,” “romance,” and “fiction,” in the site’s “recent tags” box.” (via Boston.com)

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[Calgary Public] Library to trim about 300,000 books from collection

“The Calgary Public Library wants to reduce its book stocks by about 300,000 in order to free up more space in the buildings to run programs. The surplus books will be cleared out before the end of the year. They will be sold through a re-seller. Calgary Public Library CEO Bill Ptacek told CBC Radio’s Calgary Eyeopener that part of the motivation for culling the collection is a big change slated for the New Year. “It’s not a well-kept secret that in January the library is going to be free, there’s going to be no charge for cards,” he said.” (via CBC News)

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War of words: Book purge called necessary, but pains Chattanooga Public Library supporters

Chattanooga’s Public Library is shedding books by the thousands. Over the past two years, Library Director Corinne Hill has reduced the library’s collection by nearly half. She says it’s part of a national trend — libraries aren’t just about books anymore. “Every library in the country has had some level of discontent with regards to weeding collections,” she said. “Chattanooga has been behind so we are a little late to this game, but it is part of us moving out of the 20th century.” (via Times Free Press)

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Unpopular books flying off branch libraries’ shelves

“At the Dudley Branch of the Boston Public Library, clustered volumes fill only half of many long, red shelves; the rest stand empty. In the adult nonfiction section, some shelves are completely barren. The library, in Roxbury, once brimmed with books. But officials have been steadily culling its collection the past few months as part of a push by BPL administrators to dispose of up to 180,000 little-used volumes from shelves and archives of branches citywide by year’s end. Library officials say the reductions help assure that patrons can comfortably sift through a modern selection that serves their needs.” (via Boston Globe)

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Library trustee defends culling of historical volumes, despite public outcry

“A Watertown library trustee last night defended her board’s June decision to move some historical books out of the local library’s history room to clear shelf space, despite the uproar it has caused among local genealogy and historical experts. “There just isn’t enough room,” said library trustee Raya Stern in a Town Hall hallway Tuesday night. “This is stuff no one looks at. Not everything in there is valuable to Watertown.” (via Boston.com)

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Urbana Free Library executive director to leave after book weeding scandal

“The Urbana Free Library will now be looking for a new executive director. Tuesday’s board of trustees meeting ended with President Chris Scherer announcing that the board came to an early separation agreement with current executive director Debra Lissak. Scherer said Lissak’s end date will be figured out in the next couple weeks as the trustees search for an interim director. This early separation agreement comes after last month’s special board meeting when dozens of Urbana residents spoke to the board about their disagreement with the rapid and extensive book weeding that happened in the nonfiction section of the library in early June. Carol Inskeep, an employee of adult services, said 9,600 books were weeded from nonfiction in a matter of four days.” (via The Daily Illini)

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Urbana library meeting allegedly violated law twice

“A spokesman for the Illinois attorney general’s office and an attorney for the Illinois Press Association say the Urbana Free Library board apparently violated the Illinois Open Meetings Act twice in the same meeting this week. “According to the Open Meetings Act, what they did appears to be in direct violation of the law,” Scott Mulford, a spokesman for the Illinois attorney general’s office, said on Friday. The apparent violations took place when the board reconvened following a closed session on Wednesday night.” (via News-Gazette.com)

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Library director says mistake was made in book ‘weeding’

“A shipment of books removed from the shelves of the Urbana Free Library only a week earlier is making its way back to the library. Headed back to Urbana will be art books, gardening books, pet books and some cookbooks that were taken off the shelves as a result of what has been described as a “misstep” by the library’s director. “We’ll be more careful. We didn’t mean for this to happen. We are still very committed to having a good collection,” said Debra Lissak, executive director of the Urbana Free Library. (via News-Gazette.com)

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Withdrawing Print Titles

Marie Newman has some ideas

See also

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Clarification On LISNews Post About Weeding

The title of this post at LISNews is a bit misleading.

The Rabbi is not making weeding harder. Taking a book off the shelf is easy. The library doesn’t have to throw the books out or, god forbid, destroy them. Just put the books on the “for sale” cart or give them away to a temple or church.

Let’s not put the weeding blame on the Rabbi.

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