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THOMAS.gov Transitions to Congress.gov

“The free legislative information website, Congress.gov, is transitioning into its permanent role as the official site for federal legislative information from the U.S. Congress and related agencies.The site, which launched in beta form last fall and features platform mobility, comprehensive information retrieval and user-friendly presentation, is replacing the nearly 20-year-old THOMAS.gov. Beginning Nov. 19, typing Thomas.gov into a web browser will automatically redirect to Congress.gov. @Thomasdotgov Twitter followers will be transferred to the @Congressdotgov account. THOMAS.gov will remain accessible from the Congress.gov homepage through late 2014 before it is retired.” (via Library of Congress)

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Boston Public Library – Meet the Collections of Distinction Curators

“Boston Public Library’s Collections of Distinction feature eighteen of the most outstanding, expansive, and renowned of the library’s holdings. Behind the collections are the curators who can expertly describe the significance of all the treasures found within. The curators recently answered questions about each of the collections, including their favorite sections, surprising finds, and which audiences they may appeal to.” (via BPL)

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Government shutdown curbs academic research at many levels

“A wide range of academic research across the country, from sophisticated biomedical experiments at the National Institutes of Health to undergraduate political science essays, was being interrupted Wednesday as the federal government shutdown continued for a second day — with no clear path to a resolution. In addition to forcing the closure of government buildings  where research is conducted — such as the Library of Congress and presidential libraries — the shutdown was also cutting off access to myriad electronic resources on which many researchers depend.” (via Inside Higher Ed)

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Library Publishing Coalition Debuts New Website

“The Library Publishing Coalition (LPC)—a library led, two-year initiative to advance the field of library publishing—has launched its new website at http://www.librarypublishing.org/. Current LPC activities include development of a Shared Documentation Portal that hosts model documents, compilation of a Directory of Library Publishing Services, and planning for a forum to be held in March 2014.” (via ARL)

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Our New Home Page, Search-dominance, and NYPL’s Goals

“I’m truly pleased to announce the launch of NYPL’s new home page! It has more and better feature items for us to share great NYPL activities and materials with you, and a new book recommender tool that we’re really excited about. This new design–which we will continue to improve–builds off of a history of Web research, as well as a lot of recent work at NYPL suggesting we should do a better job of exposing our patrons to the full breadth of great NYPL services, programs, and other offerings. If you’re here just to share thoughts about the new home page, feel free to skip down to the comments section and tell us what you think! Otherwise, read on for more detail on how we came to this design, our goals for it, and how we’ll try to figure out whether or not we’ve succeeded.” (via The New York Public Library)

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