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Mellon Grant Advances Library Digitization Efforts

“The Washington University Libraries have been awarded a $50,000 grant by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The grant will allow the Libraries to implement Hydra, a powerful open-source software system used by research institutions around the world to provide access to their digital content. Equally important, Hydra facilitates collaboration among institutions that want to share their digital collections and link them to related materials held elsewhere. Over a period of two years, the grant will cover costs for technical skill-building among staff, expanded technological infrastructure, and internal and external outreach as well as interaction with the wider community of Hydra users and developers. Such efforts expand on technical resources already in place at the Libraries. This is essential as more and more materials are being delivered online and as the number of faculty-driven humanities projects grows.” (via Washington University)

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A Fresh Take on Open Access

“The worldwide movement to bring scholarly work and other knowledge within reach of all those wishing to access it has gained momentum at Washington University in recent years, most notably with the adoption of an Open Access Resolution by the Faculty Senate in 2011 and the creation of a digital repository at http://openscholarship.wustl.edu. But a need for greater awareness of open access remains, and librarians on campus are providing a series of activities in October to promote open access ideas and resources as they relate to scholarly publishing and other endeavors. A video shorts contest aimed specifically at students is already underway, with three prizes of $500 each to be awarded to creations of five minutes or less in three categories. Sponsored by Washington University Libraries, the Access Granted Video Shorts 2013 Contest is the inaugural run of what organizers hope will become an annual competition. All undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to participate, with submissions due by Monday, Oct. 14. Four judges—volunteers from among the Washington University faculty and staff—will choose the winners, who will be announced in late October.” (via Washington University Libraries)

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