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John Miedema Reviews Balanced Libraries

He says: “Balance is not a sexy idea, but Crawford helps makes sense of the debate, showing how both change and stasis can be troublesome for libraries, providing a fresh take on the timeless wisdom that technology must serve library the mission, not the reverse.”

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More on Rankings

Walt Crawford (Who points out that he is not a librarian…again) – “Rankings are fun, we’re going to get “graded” whether we like it or not, and it’s also all a little silly. But fun.”

Walt – You’re a librarian. Sorry to break it to ya. MLS or not. You ARE a librarian.

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Lots of Library Blogs

Walt blogs more about his new book.

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Lots of Library Blogs

Walt Crawford – “The second Cites & Insights Book will appear Real Soon Now: A survey of current English-language public library blogs, mostly consisting of profiles of the blogs themselves.”

252 of them, to be exact. Wow!!

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Walt on Meebo Rooms

You would think that Walt has paid me off with a copy of his latest book in return for my blogging about him so much lately, but I just had to link to his post on the spam that getting into Meebo Rooms, plus reprint this quote:

Postscript at the next coffee break: A new password-protected room has been created. In the real world, I don’t much want to live in a gated community (and we don’t). But in the real world, you don’t get people storming through neighborhoods at 60mph throwing bags of…well, whatever…onto every window once an hour, or there would be a lot more gated communities.”

Too funny Walt. If life/work wasn’t so busy lately (I’ve been up after 12:30AM for the past 3 weeks or so), I’d be all over the LSW Meebo room. Alas, I’m not, but will hopefully join soon.

Disclaimer – Disclaimers are for egomaniacs. Get over yourself.

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