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An in-depth look at successful social networking in public libraries

“Most commentaries to date on library use of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have focused on a handful of well-funded public libraries with high-profile employees.  Now Walt Crawford’s “Successful Social Networking in Public Libraries,” published by ALA Editions, completes the picture, offering for the first time an in-depth look at how a large variety of public libraries are conducting digital outreach and marketing through social networking.” (via American Library Association)

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‘Instant’ authors

Newsday – “With on-demand publishing, many are realizing their dream with limited number of copies.”

As Walt has proved, this works!

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Why I <3 Walt Crawford

Because he blogs stuff like this: “The most damaging thing most public libraries could do is to attempt to get rid of the “places of books” core image in favor of–well, of whatever. Building on, expanding, diversifying: Great. Abandoning or trivializing that role: Suicidal.”

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Walt to Palinet

Congrats Walt!

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End of an Era

Walt Crawford – “So for now I’m gainfully unemployed.”

But, there is more work down the pike for Walt. As he eludes to in the next few sentenced.

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