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Memphis library cards acceptable as photo ID for vote: court

“Voters will be allowed to use Memphis library cards as photo identification in the November 6 election, the Tennessee Supreme Court ruled on Thursday in a blow to Republicans who wanted only ID issued by the federal and state governments to be allowed. Tennessee is among a number of states that have passed laws requiring voters to show photo ID. Republicans say the laws are needed to deter fraud, while Democrats say they are aimed at depressing turnout by voters who typically support their party.

The Tennessee law, which took effect at the beginning of the year, requires people to show a driver’s license, state-issued handgun carry permit, a U.S. passport or another form of government-issued ID to vote. Student IDs are not acceptable.”

via Reuters

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Memphis library ID gets voters provisional ballots

“Voters who are showing up at Shelby County polls with only a Memphis library card as their photo identification are being given provisional ballots, an election official said┬áMonday. Meanwhile, lawyers for the City of Memphis responded to an appeal filed by Tennessee election officials who are seeking to overturn the court ruling that allowed voters to use the photo ID issued by the Memphis public library at the┬ápolls.”

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L.A. to consider multi-use library cards for illegal immigrants

“Los Angeles officials are considering a plan to turn the library card into a form of identification that the city’s large illegal immigrant population could use to open bank accounts and access an array of city services. The City Council unanimously voted recently to consider the proposal, which would have Los Angeles join the growing number of cities across the nation that offer various forms of identification to undocumented workers and others who cannot get driver’s licenses because of their immigration status.”

via LA Times

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Library Cards at Root of Voter ID Challenge

“New Memphis library cards that include a photo have become a challenge to the new state law requiring certain state-issued photo identification in order to vote. The Memphis library system unveiled the move to the photo library cards last week with Memphis Mayor A C Wharton Jr. saying the new library cards could be used to vote starting with the upcoming Aug. 2 elections. Early voting begins Friday, July 13. Less than 24 hours later, Tennessee Elections Coordinator Mark Goins contradicted that, saying the new library cards are not valid for voter identification.”

via Memphis Daily News

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Bill keeps offenders from voting in schools, libraries

Times Argus Online – “The state’s worst sex offenders would be banned from voting in schools or libraries and instead be made to cast absentee ballots under a bill supporters say would help protect children.”

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