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Blog vs. Peer Review Update: Interactivity Brings Some Surprises

Chronicle.com – “For the past several weeks, the scholar has posted a section of his draft each day to a popular blog he contributes to — called Grand Text Auto — and he has invited readers to praise it or tear it to shreds. They’ve done both. And by early next week, Mr. Wardrip-Fruin will have posted the whole tome, and the first phase of the experiment will be over.”

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ALA Adds Gaming Pavilion

ICv2 News – The American Library Association will launch a gaming pavilion at its 2008 annual conference in Anaheim this June. The pavilion will group both tabletop and electronic game exhibitors, who will show games that can be used for both curriculum-based instruction and recreation.”

(Thanks to John for sending the link)

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Lapeer library shakes ho-hum image with “Rock Star” night

The Flint Journal – “We’ll either get one of two responses, either ‘this rocks’ or ‘this sucks.”

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Opinion : If it takes Guitar Hero to bring kids to the library, let’s jam

Opinion – “Teenagers ought to feel welcome in our public libraries, which remain — even in the digital age — among our most hallowed public spaces. And anything that brings them into the fold and into close contact with the wealth of resources at the library is worthwhile and downright important to the democracy.”

Of course, I disagree, but everyone is allowed to have an opinion. That’s why they call them opinions.

Update – What about Ballroom dancing for the kids?

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Is Obama Against Video Games?

GamePolitics.com has a semi-round up.

Obama has said stuff like this before. He mentioned something similar in his amazing speech the day before MLK Day.

It doesn’t mean that he is against VGs. One could also assume, based on the words, that he is against TV. I think he was trying to make a point that overconsumption of certain things is not healthy.

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Readers should get game-literate

Guardian Unlimited – “Far from spelling the end of proper storytelling, video games point towards its future.”

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Adult Gaming @ Public Libraries

The Last Librarian – “I love video games in libraries. But the whole concept of gaming programs in public libraries is often sold as a lure for reluctant patrons, and I think this is misguided.”

If video games are to use useful in libraries, don’t hide behind a lure. Say what they really are for. To get kids and adults to play video games.

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What should wii be promoting in libraries?

Adventures in the Wild West Library Frontier – “I’m not trying to be a luddite here, or even really to play devil’s advocate. It’s an honest question. Does gaming fit in to our missions, or is it just something public libraries are flocking to in order to appear hip and relevant (look at us! We’re the library and we’re cool!)? Is it time to adjust our mission statements?”

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More on Video Games

Library Attack (a new to me blog), deconstructs my post and Jenny Levine’s comments. I’m glad Jenny comnmented on the post instead of ignoring it. She’s right. Don’t like gaming? Don’t do gaming. I say stuff like that all of the time.

That said, that doesn’t mean I won’t post what I think about the topic. And, I love Jenny. Always have. She’s one of the smartest people I have ever met. Truly and honestly. We go way back. My being against video games is not me being against Jenny. Maybe I just don’t “get it”.

But maybe (just maybe) I’m onto something here. When will it end? When will librarians just stop trying to be the cool kids with the cool toys?

Why do we have to lure kids into the library with “candy”? Shouldn’t good literature be good enough? And, if it’s not enough, why? Maybe in some respects, I’m old school. Maybe that’s a good thing.

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Our Public Libraries Are Being Turned Into Video Game Arcades

Dave Gibson – “[I]t appears that this country’s librarians have decided to their part in the dumbing-down of America. What has happened to this country?…All of the librarians I have known were in love with the written word and truly enjoyed opening the door to their world to young people. Perhaps, today’s crop of young librarians would be better served answering their calling as arcade attendants and movie theatre managers.”

Too much of a generalization here. Not ALL librarians think video game nights in the library are a good thing (I think that they are a childish way for adults to reclaim their youth in an attempt to be a part of the cool crowd).

And that last line just hurts. Ouch!

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