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Professor Given $100,000 to Study World of Warcraft

David DeBolt – “A hundred thousand dollars to study a video game that pits ax-wielding ogres against a cast of other fanciful characters? That would buy about 50,000 cans of Red Bull to support those late-night gaming, er, “research” sessions.”


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Video games lure teens into the city’s libraries

Here’s yet another article that talks about how video games promote literacy by providing a different type of reading. The games mentioned in the article are DDR and Rock Band. Nothing else.

Clearly there is something amiss here. Here’s hoping that there is more to this than the fluff that ALA and the MSM is providing to us.

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Library sets challenge for overdue books

Manawatu Standard – “Calling all young Guitar Heros with overdue library books – outrock overdues librarian Harley Bell and get your Palmerston North City Library fines waived.”

I’ve blogged in the past on why I believe this to a bad idea.

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Library’s ‘Guitar Hero’ contests a hot ticket

RapidCityJournal.com – "Chloe was one of 24 kids who competed in the first round of the Rapid City Public Library’s “Guitar Hero III” tournament on July 25."

Yup.  That will totally increase literacy.   Everytime I pick up my bass guitar, I start to remember the words of Shakespeare.  C’mon, really?

Kids, don’t forget to pick up your books on your way out the door…

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Can Guitar Hero Make Children Smarter?

Kotaku: – “I think overall the answer to the question, at least in regards to the games they are playing, is not really, but I think we should all lie and make it seem like the children are smarter just so we can stop by our local libraries and play Guitar Hero in the future”

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Do Videogames Make Kids Smarter?

1up: – “[W]e bow down to the inevitable future of Halo-savvy librarians”

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Video Games

New York Times – “And you thought libraries were supposed to be quiet. Not on Friday.”

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Bring Your Video Game Skills…to the NY Public Library!

Gothamist – “The NYPL’s Assistant Coordinator of Young Adult Services, Jack Martin, explained, “Gaming at the library can bridge the gaps between children, teens and adults, bringing them together as families and friends under one space, or through dialog created through the users’ individual game playing.” (via)

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Open Education Posts on Video Games

The other day, I received an e-mail from Tom Hanson, who blogs over at Open Education. He mentioned a few video game posts in his e-mail. Here they are:

1) Shoot-em Up Video Games – The Cause of Greater Anti-social Behaviors in Teens?
2) Author Reveals “The Surprising Truth About Violent Video Games”
3) Experts State: Do Not Banish – Instead, Manage Violent Video Game Play

Thanks Tom.

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State can’t restrict kids’ access to video games, court says

Star Trubine – “Minnesota may not enforce a law restricting the sale or rental of “adults only” or “mature” video games to minors, according to an opinion issued Monday by the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.” (via)

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