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Citing Right To Privacy, New Hampshire Library Offers Untraceable Web Browsing

“If you use the Internet or carry a smartphone — and let’s face it, that’s almost everyone who’s not off the grid — you probably already know that companies are tracking our movements. Apps track where we shop, the items we search for, and where we like to travel. Companies are gathering as much data as they can, in large part to come up with more effective ads to sell us more stuff, or in the case of the government, to track suspicious activity. In today’s world even your television can track your viewing behavior and send personalized ads to your mobile phone. But at least one local library has been fighting back and taking a stand for personal privacy.” (via Vermont Public Radio)

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State library shuts out jailhouse lawyers

“Vermont prison inmates who want to do legal research into their cases are finding themselves without the help of a state law librarian. A budget cut approved by lawmakers earlier this year meant the departure of Paul Donovan from the state law library in Montpelier. Donovan had a reputation in Vermont and around the country as a go-to person for inmates with legal research questions. A July 1 letter from Donovan explaining the change was posted on a wall outside a cell at the Southern State Correctional Facility during a legislative committee’s tour last week.” (via AP)

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Cuts Likely To Shutter Vt. Law Library

“A nearly $500,000 cut to the Vermont Department of Libraries will likely result in the closure of the state law library. Earlier this week, the House Appropriations Committee decided to go with the governor’s recommendation to reduce the budget. According to State Librarian Martha Reid, the department is working with a consultant to determine the best way to take the cut, but the brunt of the reduction will be on the state law library. “The law library as we know it, I think it’s pretty clear that it’s going to disappear,” State Librarian Martha Reid said Thursday.” (via Valley News)

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Drug paraphernalia closes Burlington library restrooms

“Burlington’s Fletcher Free Library plans to put locks on its public restrooms as a way to discourage people from flushing hypodermic needles and other drug paraphernalia down the toilets.

“We’re hoping to have this done by the end of the week, as soon as the locksmith can do the work,” head librarian Rubi Simon said Tuesday. Simon said the restrooms, on the mezzanine level of the library, were closed three weeks ago after toilets became backed up with the needles and other drug materials for the third time.” (via Burlington Free Press)

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For You To Borrow, Some Libraries Have To Go Begging

“More than 90 percent of Americans say public libraries are important to their communities, according to the Pew Research Center — but the way that love translates into actual financial support varies hugely from state to state. Vermont, for instance, brags it has more libraries per capita than any other U.S. state. And some of them are remarkably quaint. In Ludlow, one library is a white clapboard Victorian, slightly frayed, ringed by lilies and sitting by the side of a brook.” (via NPR)

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Books Found Burned On Porch Of Hartland Library

“Two incidences of library books being burned on the porch of the Hartland Public Library earlier this month were acts of random vandalism, officials say. The library’s new director, Amy Wisehart, said that the books were taken from the small grey cabinet placed outside the library on the porch, called the ‘‘Little Free Library.’’ The cabinet is part of an initiative for rural libraries who aren’t able to stay open as many hours as they’d like.” (via Vermont Standard)

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Vt. library hires new ‘curator of collections’

“Vermont’s St. Johnsbury Athenaeum has hired a new curator of collections. The athenaeum announced Wednesday the appointment of Robert Joly to the post. Last month the athenaeum laid-off its entire staff as part of an effort to save money. The librarians were told they could reapply for jobs.”

via AP

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Residents decry librarian cuts in Vermont

“Library supporters in the town of St. Johnsbury, Vt., are rallying around the town athenaeum staff, which was dismissed as part of a restructuring. About 200 people surrounded the athenaeum on Saturday, calling on the library’s trustees to rethink their decision last month to reduce the staff from 14 full- and part-time employees to five-full time employees. The librarians were dismissed and told they could reapply.”

via AP

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Google donates 100 computers to Vermont public libraries and adult education sites

‘Google has donated 100 computers and funding for software to Vermont public libraries and adult education sites. Vermont State Librarian Martha Reid announced the gift, which is valued at nearly $25,000 combined. “Our local libraries have become the hubs of connectivity in many communities and we are very pleased with this public private partnership,” said Governor Peter Shumlin. “This puts power in the hands of Vermonters seeking free access to the Internet and all the benefits – for education, employment opportunities and more – that offers.”  The donation, part of a larger effort by Google to donate surplus equipment from their offices, includes desktop computers and flat screen monitors, keyboards and mice, all completely refurbished and loaded with the latest software operating systems. None of the computers is more than three years old.”

via Vermont Business Magazine

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Donor Resurrects Endangered Bookmobile

NPR – “When a bookmobile broke down last winter in rural Vermont, patrons, especially preschoolers, really missed it. Then a donor, who heard an NPR story about the rolling library’s demise, came up with over $100,000 for a replacement. The town can’t believe its good fortune.”

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