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How a City in France Got the World’s First Short-Story Vending Machines

“When Jess Mateychuk entered the tourism office in Grenoble, France, he wasn’t looking for information about the city. “I finally found them!” the twenty-one-year-old exchange student from Winnipeg, Canada, said with excitement. He was referring to the city’s recent cultural innovation turned Internet hit: a black and orange, rocket-looking cylinder that spits out short stories, free of charge.” (via The New Yorker)

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Kindle Vending Machine Shows How Amazon Could Take Over the World

“Though there’s nothing new about electronics vending machines, any foray by Amazon into the world of offline retail is a big deal. When Amazon ventures into the physical world — whether with in-store delivery lockers or grocery trucks or vending machines — the company’s sheer scale and ambition demand that you think in terms of world domination.” (via Wired)

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Looking for a 2 a.m. library fix? Milwaukee to debut 24-hour vending

“It’s much bigger than the Redbox at the grocery store, and more educational. Milwaukee is getting an Express Vending Library, a 24-hour machine that will serve the residents of Westlawn and surrounding neighborhoods, perhaps as soon as next month. The unit, to be anchored near the corner of N. 64th St. and W. Silver Spring Drive, will be one of a handful of vending libraries in the country. In addition to Milwaukee, units are scheduled to go up in Oklahoma City, San Diego and Fresno, Calif. While the units are relatively new to the United States, there are thousands of them scattered throughout China, Milwaukee library officials say.” (via Journal Sentinel)

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Libraries turn to laptop vending machines to fulfill students’ late night studying needs

“Two a.m. might be prime study time for college students, but it’s not always the most coveted shift for library employees. So some universities are testing a new way to give students the tools they need, like laptops or tablets, without adding to employees’ hours: laptop lending kiosks. The kiosks work like vending machines, or like the DVD lending dispensers at grocery stores. A student who wants to check out a laptop – or whatever device the university is offering – navigates a touch screen that authenticates the student’s identity and then dispenses a charged machine. The laptop can be used for a certain number of hours, as determined by each university, and once it is returned its battery is charged while it waits for the next user.”

via Inside Higher Ed

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This Vintage-Looking Vending Machine Dispenses Rare Books For Just $2

“A Toronto bookstore has come up with a creative way to add value to old, discount books that otherwise may clutter its storage: an antique-seeming “book dispenser” that randomly spits out old books for $2 a pop. The Biblio-Mat combines the charm of a gumball machine with the surprise element of a raffle. The machine jumps to life once money’s inserted. With a bit of overt drama–cranking and whirring and ringing that invoke old machinery–the dispenser then releases a used title from its stock, dropping it into a slot for a happy reader to walk away with.”

via Co.Exist

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Book-Vending Machine Dispenses Suspense

Earlier this year, Stephen Fowler, owner of The Monkey’s Paw used-book store in Toronto, had an idea. He wanted a creative way to offload his more ill-favored books — “old and unusual” all, as the store’s motto goes — that went further than a $1 bin by the register. It came in a conversation with his wife: a vending machine. “Originally, I thought maybe we would just have a refrigerator box and paint it to look like a vending machine,” he tells NPR, “and put a skinny assistant of mine inside and have him drop books out when people put a coin in.”

via NPR

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Library Book-Vending Machines Losing Ground to eBooks

“The Contra Costa County Library’s book-dispensing machine at the del Norte BART station in El Cerrito was a hit when introduced three years ago, but usage of the Library-a-Go-Go system has fallen sharply with the rise of eBooks.”

via El Cerrito, CA Patch

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