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The Last Word Goes to Scribblers in the Margins

“A couple of years ago I lost my personal library and began to rebuild it mostly with secondhand books from the Princeton public library, which resells used books from the cellars and parlors of people who were teachers and students. The library is barely a block from where Einstein bought his sneakers and where John Nash buys his coffee. Newish books and old are for sale—my purchases have included “Back to Methuselah, ” Bukowski, Stieg Larsson, an Everyman edition of Chekhov.” (via WSJ.com)

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Amazon Might Start Selling Used E-Books

“Amazon was awarded a patent for a system to sell previously owned digital objects like e-books and audio downloads, reports Publisher’s Weekly. Amazon already has a long-standing secondhand market for physical books, so despite the weird concept of “owning” someone’s used ones and zeroes, this is actually quite possible with Amazon’s DRM.”

via Business Insider

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