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In this university’s laptop vending machine, the MacBooks are free

“Philadelphia’s Drexel University has installed a Macbook vending machine in the university’s Haggerty library. The kiosk dispenses MacBooks free of charge to Drexel students, staff, and faculty, who can use the machines for up to five hours at a time. The goal is simply to help students get better, safer access to technology. Students toting laptops are targets for muggers. “We installed it in late December,” Niki Gianakaris, Drexel’s media relations director, said. “Students didn’t want to carry their laptops to the library late at night.”

via VentureBeat

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Library without books is on UF ‘wish list’

Gainesville Sun – “When students walk by Newell Hall, they see a historic building. But University of Florida faculty and library administrators hope that building with such a rich past will be cutting edge: UF’s first library without books. The library project was originally introduced by UF President Bernie Machen in August 2009, said Judith Russell, dean of the University of Florida libraries. Though the university planned to provide stimulus money for the project that summer, funds were assigned to greater priorities, she said.”

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UCSD Begins Closing Libraries, America Suffers

Prospect Blog – “UCSD, facing an unprecedented budget shortfall, has announced that it will close four of the six major campus libraries. Administrators justified the necessity of the closure in a mass email sent out this morning:

“Earlier this year, we communicated to the campus community that significant and continuing budget cuts could lead to the closure of four of the Libraries’ facilities.

While we have not yet received our final budget allocation, we have been informed that the Libraries will need to absorb at least a $3 million cut for 2011/2012, which leaves us no choice but to move forward with these closures and consolidations.”

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DePaul stocks video games for research

Chicago Sun Times – “For some students at DePaul University and a few other colleges, video games are now part of the curriculum.

DePaul is one of a growing number of university libraries housing video game collections for student research into game design, the school said. Other universities with collections include Illinois, Stanford and Michigan.

The collection was first proposed by Jose Zagal, assistant professor of computing and digital media, who authored the book, “Ludoliteracy: Designing, Understanding and Supporting Games Education.”

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