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The battle of Britain’s libraries

Guardian – “Coffee shops, gigs, free cinema tickets, flashy architecture . . . is this the future of our libraries? Stuart Jeffries on government plans to shake things up – and the people standing in their way”

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‘Libraries needed to go from stacking books on shelves to more active relationships with the community’

Guardian – “We do a lot of work with publishers to promote authors and books in the community, says Miranda McKearney, director, Reading Agency.”

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Consumers ‘confused by copyright’

BBC – “Consumers are confused by copyright laws that mean it is still illegal to copy a CD onto their computer, a watchdog says. Consumer Focus said that copyright law was outdated and millions of people were unaware they were breaking laws.

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Domesday Book 2010: Strip clubs soaring, libraries disappearing… the figures which lay bare life in modern Britain

Daily Mail – “The changing face of Britain under Labour has been laid bare in a modern Domesday Book. It shows how traditional pubs, post offices and libraries have gone by the wayside. In their place bookmakers, nightclubs and supermarket chains have flourished.”

More at FARK

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CILIP calls on PM Gordon Brown to make school libraries statutory

A roundup from Richard Hawkins.

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Authors on Google Maps

Google Maps Mania – “Soren, of Microformats.dk, has produced a Google Maps mashup to show the birthplaces of the authors whose books are on the list of the top 250 books borrowed from UK libraries.”

Access the map, plus an article from The Guardian

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‘Super-fast broadband’ in UK homes by 2017 – Tories

BBC – “The Conservatives have unveiled plans to deliver a “nationwide super-fast broadband”, part of which could be funded from the BBC licence fee.”

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Tim Berners-Lee unveils government data project

BBC – “Web founder Tim Berners-Lee has unveiled his latest venture for the UK government, which offers the public better access to official data. A new website, data.gov.uk, will offer reams of public sector data, ranging from traffic statistics to crime figures, for private or commercial use.”

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Library ban for ‘pungent body odour’ man

BBC – “Library officials in Leicestershire have banned a regular reader from their building following complaints about his “pungent” body odour. The council said they were forced to act as visitors left Wigston Library when 27-year-old Stuart Penman arrived.”

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Web giants unite against Digital Britain copyright bill

BBC – “Some of the biggest names on the web have written to Peter Mandelson to express “grave concerns” about elements of the Digital Economy Bill. Four firms including Facebook and Google object to clause 17 of the bill, which could give government the power to amend copyright law in the future.”

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