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Threatened library gets its patrons to clear the shelves

Boing Boing – “The library in Stony Stratford near Milton Keynes, England, urged its patrons to check out every book on the shelves as a way of proving to the local council that its collection and facilities provide a vital service to the community.”

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Price Increases Put U.K. Libraries in a Bind

WSJ.com – “Deborah Shorley, the head librarian at the U.K.’s Imperial College London, is worried about balancing her books. She says her budget has been capped, just as publishers stand to increase the price of her library’s journal subscriptions 3% to 6%. "It’s a complete mismatch," said Ms. Shorley, who says her libraries spend over £4 million ($6.31 million) a year on research resources, most of them related to the sciences. The big publishers haven’t comprehended the new reality among U.K. libraries: "They don’t seem to understand that we just don’t have the money," she said.”

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Library cuts and job losses condemned by leading authors

The Guardian – “Councils are expected to look to volunteers in attempt to balance budgets hit by the government’s spending review”

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Hunt proposes closure of the Museum, Libraries and Archives Council

Guardian – “The Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) would be abolished under new proposals put forward today by the culture secretary, Jeremy Hunt, to cut the number of public bodies the government funds. A statement from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) proposed that the MLA – which works to promote best practice in the UK’s museums, libraries and archives – would be wound up as the department focused its efforts instead “on front-line, essential services and ensur[ing] greater value for money” in the area. “Government support for museums, libraries and archives will continue,” it added.”

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UK Political Database

Telegraph – “Telegraph.co.uk’s UK Political Database helps you find all the information on your constituency and its candidates in the forthcoming 2010 General Election and beyond.”

Direct to the database. More here and here

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Opposition mounts to UK’s Digital Economy Bill

BBC – “The government has published a new draft of a controversial clause in the Digital Economy bill, in an effort to ease its progress through parliament. The Liberal Democrats said they will oppose any plans to rush the Digital Economy bill into law.”

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The battle of Britain’s libraries

Guardian – “Coffee shops, gigs, free cinema tickets, flashy architecture . . . is this the future of our libraries? Stuart Jeffries on government plans to shake things up – and the people standing in their way”

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‘Libraries needed to go from stacking books on shelves to more active relationships with the community’

Guardian – “We do a lot of work with publishers to promote authors and books in the community, says Miranda McKearney, director, Reading Agency.”

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Consumers ‘confused by copyright’

BBC – “Consumers are confused by copyright laws that mean it is still illegal to copy a CD onto their computer, a watchdog says. Consumer Focus said that copyright law was outdated and millions of people were unaware they were breaking laws.

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Domesday Book 2010: Strip clubs soaring, libraries disappearing… the figures which lay bare life in modern Britain

Daily Mail – “The changing face of Britain under Labour has been laid bare in a modern Domesday Book. It shows how traditional pubs, post offices and libraries have gone by the wayside. In their place bookmakers, nightclubs and supermarket chains have flourished.”

More at FARK

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