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Is Voice-Based Bubbly the New Twitter?

Ad Age – “In India, thousands of consumers are going from tweeting to bubbling. Bollywood stars Kareena Kapoor and Aamir Khan began using Bubbly and talking about it ahead of the premiere of their hit film ‘Three Idiots.’ A hot new social networking service dubbed “Bubbly,” which is essentially a voice-based Twitter, is quickly gaining popularity among Indians. And thanks to Bollywood celebs being early adopters, Bubbly is growing virally and with virtually zero marketing spend.”

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Twitter unveils tool to share tweeting locations

AP – “Twitter can now let the world automatically know your whereabouts as well as your thoughts and activities. A new feature unveiled Thursday gives Twitter users the option of including their location with the assorted musings posted on the Internet messaging service.”

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White House tweeting spreads president’s message

AP – “Blending behind-the-scenes nuggets with a defense of President Barack Obama’s record, White House and administration officials increasingly are communicating through Twitter. The popular social network is operating as a Web-based clearinghouse for public statements on weighty subjects (the federal budget) and the mundane (personal grocery lists). It’s similar to a bulletin board where anyone can post short notes and users cull the pieces they see by choosing to “follow” individuals’ account.”

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Twitter, Google Buzz: Get The Whole Story

Forbes – ” With all these new social media technologies, from Twitter to the new Google Buzz, we are about to enter a golden age of communication, one in which information can be shared with friends and associates with an immediacy and intimacy never before possible. Wait. Haven’t we seen this movie before?

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W.H. messaging in 140 characters

Politico – “The White House has started using a new weapon for correcting news reports, pushing back against a negative story, or shaping the press corps narrative of the day: Twitter. On Monday, deputy press secretary Bill Burton told his more than four thousand followers — which includes much of the White House press corps — that a Washington Post report that morning was wrong. The Obamas, he noted, went to Chicago for Valentine’s Day in 2009, not this past Sunday, as was reported in the Post’s Style section.”

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Tweeting a book by its cover

Cnet – “a new project from non-profit biannual magazine Slice, based in Brooklyn, tries to show us that something is lost on a Kindle commute. Meet CoverSpy, a Twitter feed run by Slice, which peeks at the books that people are reading on the New York City subway (as well as on park benches and some other gathering places) and tweets them along with some basic, anonymous detail about the reader and a link to the cover.”

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Google Beats Twitter for “Word of the Decade”

WSJ – “If you have any doubts about the pervasive nature of the Internet and social networking in our life these days, doubt no more. The American Dialect Society (ADS) has selected “google” – the verb not the noun – as its top word of the decade and “tweet” – a short message sent via the Twitter.com service or the act of sending such a message – as its word of the year.”

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Why Twitter Will Endure

NYT – “In the pantheon of digital nomenclature — brands within a sector of the economy that grew so fast that all the sensible names were quickly taken — it would be hard to come up with a noun more trite than Twitter. It impugns itself, promising something slight and inconsequential, yet another way to make hours disappear and have nothing to show for it. And just in case the noun is not sufficiently indicting, the verb, “to tweet” is even more embarrassing.”

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Twitter new, helpful tool for county libraries

Cumberland Times – “Interested in meeting the Allegany County Bookmobile at Hannah Plaza in Cresaptown but running late? Now you can simply log on to Twitter and see if the Bookmobile is on schedule. The Allegany County Library System is using Twitter and other social networking sites as yet another way to bring the library experience closer to patrons — wherever they may be.”

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Twitter Serves Up Ideas From Its Users

NYTimes – “Twitter’s smart enough, or lucky enough, to say, ‘Gee, let’s not try to compete with our users in designing this stuff, let’s outsource design to them,’ ” said Eric von Hippel, head of the innovation and entrepreneurship group at the Sloan School of Management at M.I.T. and author of the book “Democratizing Innovation.”

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