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I Tumbld…Redesign

My linkblog has a new theme. I’ve been posting over there quite alot lately.

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Tumblr 3.0

Davidville – “Over 400 new features, fixes, and improvements.”


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Do you use ‘Profilactic’?

Webware – “Profilactic, which I covered previously, is now available to the public. It’s a personal feed aggregator: You tell it where you post online, and it pulls all the feeds together. You can point people to this “mashup” page, or use one of the site’s widgets to embed that info in your own profile page or blog.”

OK. Worse name for a Web 2.0 tool. Ever!

I use Tumblr for this type of thing and have been very happy with it.

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2 Feed added to I Tumbld

My linkblog is still going strong. In fact, last night I added feeds for my Flickr and Twitter accounts.

Lots of good stuff on the linkblog over the past few days, including a pic of Katherine McPhee (sorry, I couldn’t help it).

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I Tumbld…

Just a reminder that my linkblog is still going strong. I used to have all of the links go directly into Twitter, but it came to be a bit much.

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