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Toronto Public Library scraps used book buying program

“The Toronto Public Library is ending a fledgling program to buy used books for its collection after authors complained that they were missing out on royalties and the pilot project proved disappointing, the city’s chief librarian said Tuesday. Launched Dec. 1, the initiative allowed Toronto residents to sell used books to the library for $5, provided the titles were on a list of in-demand adult fiction. The purpose of the program was to shorten hold times for readers and save money in a period of budget uncertainty. City Librarian Vickery Bowles acknowledged Tuesday that the project failed on both those counts in its short, four-month life span.” (via Toronto Star)

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Toronto Reference Library adds dedicated room for writers

“For Toronto novelist and lawyer Robert Rotenberg, it’s what the city’s Reference Library doesn’t have that also makes it the perfect place to work on a novel. “I can’t do anything else there but write,” the man behind books such as Stranglehold, Old City Hall and Stray Bullets said Thursday in an interview on CBC Radio’s Metro Morning. “My clients can’t get to me, I can’t do laundry or make a salad. It’s quiet and it’s central.”( via CBC News)

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Tome sweet tome: Downtown library offers writers quiet work space

“Janette Shipston Chan is pleased that her days as a stalker at the Toronto Reference Library are over. Not so long ago, the Toronto author spent much of her workday trying to track down essential research material she had used the previous day. “I would roam the floor to see if someone had it on the table,” said Shipston Chan. Those book stalking days are over, now that she’s one of the first local writers to get on board with the new Writers’ Room program at the downtown library.” (via Toronto Star)

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Toronto Public Library appoints new city librarian

“Toronto’s new city librarian hopes to propel the Toronto Public Library system into the future by leading its shift toward digital technology and pioneering new approaches to library service. The library board has appointed Vickery Bowles, currently director of collections management and citywide services, to the top job, effective Jan. 5.

“There are many opportunities ahead for advancing public library service for the 21st century,” Bowles, who has been working for the library for 32 years, said in a statement” (via Toronto Star)

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Toronto library board to consider creating a Toronto Music Library

“With hundreds of thousands of archival recordings and millions of pages of notated scores, the Toronto Public Library’s music collection should sing volumes about this city. Instead, it sings like a caged bird. That’s according to Michael Foderick, chair of the Toronto Public Library Board and author of a motion that last year directed staff to report back on the viability of creating a Toronto Music Library to house the bulk of the library’s music-related collections and programming. The motion asked library staff to explore the possibility of centralizing and promoting the library’s audio, video and written music collections, including music-related literature, under one roof.” (via Toronto Star)

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Toronto Reference Library’s new ‘book machine’ allowing authors to quickly self-publish

“The Toronto Reference Library has long been a popular destination for those looking to enjoy the magic of books.

As of Monday, June 9, it became a place where people can print their own. The Reference Library is now home to an Espresso Book Machine, which allows people to print bound, professional-looking, out-of-print public domain materials or books of their own.” (via ourwinddsor)

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Toronto Public Library goes digital with 3D printing, technology hubs

“Want to create a unique figurine? Need a new smartphone case? Forget a pottery class or electronics store, just head to Toronto’s Reference Library. For about the cost of a Starbucks latte, you’ll be able to make customized objects like iPhone cases using one of two 3D printers that will be available as of Feb. 4. The machines are among a dozen new technologies featured in the branch’s Digital Innovation Hub, the first of three set to open in the GTA in 2014.” (via Toronto Star)

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Torontonians Receive $5.63 of value for every dollar invested in Toronto Public Library

“Toronto Public Library recently commissioned the Martin Prosperity Institute, part of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, to conduct the first Canadian study to measure the library’s economic impact on Toronto. Results clearly demonstrate that Toronto Public Library delivers a strong return on investment through the delivery of library services that enhance Toronto’s competitiveness and prosperity and contribute to a better quality of life for all.” (via CNW)

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Toronto Public Library to open 2 digital hubs

“When the Fort York library opens early next year, it will have the usual books and magazines – but it will also have a digital hub, complete with a 3D printer and spaces for game design. It’s part of an initiative by the Toronto Public Library (TPL) to “bridge the digital divide,” TPL manager Paul Trumphour explained. “We’re doing this in the spirit of wanting people to learn,” he told CityNews. “We’re going to be offering a wide range of workshops, not just training but also information – what does 3D printing mean for our world now.” (via 680News)

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Toronto library takes anti-date-rape video off shelf after complaints

“Rest assured, erotica lovers, the Toronto Public Library will not be reconsidering its collection of sexy literature, and there are still more than 250 copies of 50 Shades of Grey available (although the majority are currently out on loan). For a brief moment last year the genre faced a dilemma when one of its lesser-known works, the anthology Hard and Fast, was labelled as pornography by someone who wanted all seven copies removed from the library.” (via Toronto Star)

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