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Make any web page print friendly, with PrintFriendly (via)

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FillAnyPDF Lets You Electronically Fill In and Sign Any Form

LifeHacker – “Fax machines are going the way of the dodo, yet sometimes there’s no easy way to transfer forms back and forth, especially ones that need to be filled out and sent back. FillAnyPDF steps in to fill the gap. FillAnyPDF\ is a free web-based service where you can upload any file in PDF, PNG, JPG, or GIF format. You don’t need to do anything to your form before or after it’s uploaded; the service will do all the heavy lifting for you.”

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Tools for Remote Collaboration and Interaction

Karen Coombs – “Over the last two years I’ve been doing a lot of work with folks who are geographically dispersed. My second book is being authored with a colleague in upstate NY, my boss at LISHost is in NY as well, I been working with and helping folks in KY, OR, and CA. To accomplish this I’ve amassed a collection of tools for communicating and collaborating across distance. Below are some tools, tips and tricks I’ve learned”

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Distraction Free Writing in Google Docs; No Add-Ons Necessary

Lifehacker – “Over at Digital Inspiration they’ve created a simple Google Docs template that emulates the green-on-black minimalism of early word processors. All you need to do is visit the link below to open the template in Google Docs, hit CTRL+SHIFT+F (to “Fullscreen” Google Docs), and then hit F11 (Fullscreens most web browsers). Two keyboard shortcuts and you’ve got a distraction free writing space.”

Get the template

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CNET has a review. On first glance, it looks very useful. Take a look.

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San Francisco, the city that’s open for data

Guardian – “DataSF.org makes publicly available more than 100 data sets from local government, including from the police, the transport authority and public works.”

Direct to the site

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7777 Betas

Congrats to MOMB

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Shorter URLs May Offer Tracking Benefits to Marketers

NYTimes – ‘They have the ability to keep track of use — how many times a particular link was clicked and the geographic location of the clickers — which could be valuable to marketers, news outlets and companies looking to measure the impact of a link, tweet or mention online.’

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Where is your Username Registered

Wow! Talk about managing your online identity.  Take a look at UsernameCheck and find out were your favorite ID is registered.  Very cool!

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PrintWhatYouLike: Make Any Web Page Printer Friendly:

Technology Bites – “Printwhatyoulike.com is a useful service to save ink while printing web pages. With this tool you can print any web page by removing unnecessary elements with mouse clicks.”

Very cool. I tried it out and it works very well.  Into the 130 tools in 160 minutes presentation it goes.

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