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III Backlash and TMZ.com

This has been kind of fun to read, kind of like a train wreck.  You just have to keep reading.  I feel like I’m reading TMZ.com!  Yay!

I used to work for a library system which had Innovate as their cataloguing system.  And, I used to "bash" them a bit on my blog and in presentations (I used to put the name of the company in quotes).  It was fun and a real stress reliever.  I always hoped that someone from the company was reading my blog and I hoped that I was helping what I thought to be a staggering technology move forward.

When we get frustrated, we have to take it out on somebody or something. It’s a natural reaction.  When we bash in public, it’s even more of a rush.  I felt like I was drunk sometimes after hitting the publish button after a bash on a company.  What would happen to my post?  Who would be reading?  What would my colleagues say/think of it?  Did I make my point? AAAAHHH!!!!

WIll Innovative drink the Cluetrain/2.0/User-Comes-First/Transparency Kool-Aid?  One can only hope, but one thing rings true.  Librarians are getting fed up and bashy and I love it.  I really do. I kinda feel sorry for Innovative as they are taking the brunt of it.  Oh well.  🙁

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