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Back To School: Should An E-Reader Be On Your List?

Wired – “E-readers have been in the news quite a bit lately —new models are reaching the feature to price point ratio where sales have been skyrocketing, leaving even tablets in the dust in terms of adoption rates. The coming holiday gift-giving season combined with the pending release of Harry Potter e-books (finally!), increased investment in e-book versions of college textbooks and Amazon’s expected release of a tablet-based Kindle device have whipped up speculation that we are looking at the perfect storm for e-reader sales this Fall. Many parents of elementary and high school kids are wondering if now might be the time to invest in an e-reader as part of their back to school expenditures.”

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More and more, college students go buy the e-books

Boston Globe – “Digital textbooks are a no-brainer for many, and sales are up this year.”

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Amazon announces textbook rentals for the Kindle platform

Teleread – “Amazon just issued a press release announcing the opening of their Kindle Textbooks store. Titles will be available to rent for periods from 30 days to 360 days, and students can increase the rental period in increments as small as one day, or purchase (license) the book outright at any point. The other compelling feature is that any notes or highlights will remain stored on Amazon’s servers under the customer’s Kindle account, just like other notes and highlights, so that they’ll remain accessible even after the rental expires.”

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A wiki education

Boston Globe – “Self-published textbooks may be long on ideology and short on facts”

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More and more college bookstores offering rentals

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES – “For college students and their parents, there’s a small bright spot in the increasingly bleak world of college costs: the cost of textbooks. That’s because the number of college bookstores offering textbook rentals has exploded this year, leaping from just 300 nationwide in 2009 to 1,500 this year, according to the National Association of College Stores, which represents 3,000 college bookstores.”

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CSUDH gives digital textbooks a try

ContraCostaTimes – “As if runaway tuition fees during a down economy weren’t bad enough, college students are taking it on the chin from another expense that can’t seem to stop going skyward: textbooks. A recent study by the California State University system estimates that textbooks cost the average student about $800 a year. Not only this, sticker prices are rising to the tune of 7percent annually. This year, California State University, Dominguez Hills is taking a stand. The Carson campus is among six of CSU’s 23 locations to take part in a pilot program in which students, beginning this year, are able to purchase digital textbooks for temporary use. The program is analogous to Netflix in that digital access to the books is temporary: At the end of the semester, students “return” their books as their passwords expire.”

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As college text prices soar, students get a rental option

Boston Globe – “College students will have new, cheaper alternatives this fall to shelling out hundreds of dollars each semester for textbooks they may never use again. * Tweet 31 people Tweeted this * Submit to Diggdiggsdigg * Yahoo! Buzz ShareThis In an effort to curb escalating book prices amid sky-high college costs, bookstores at more than a dozen campuses across the state and hundreds more around the country will begin renting textbooks at about half the cost of buying them.”

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The E-Book Sector

Inside Higher Ed – “E-textbooks might be the most-talked about and least-used learning tools in traditional higher education. Campus libraries and e-reader manufacturers are betting on electronic learning materials to overtake traditional textbooks in the foreseeable future, but very few students at traditional institutions are currently using e-textbooks, according to recent surveys.”

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Texas debates online vs. print textbooks

UPI – “Policymakers and stakeholders in Texas are wrangling over whether printed textbooks should go extinct in favor of online learning. Advocates say putting textbooks on the Internet will save money and promote the use of interactive lessons for today’s high-tech children. Adherents of traditional textbooks say cost-savings may be overstated, given the cost of maintaining computer systems, and poor children may be left out.”

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Textbook publishers add online tools to win over professors

USA Today – “What changed was that Hildreth started instructing his students to do their homework online through a suite of “Mastering” tools from Pearson, which the publishing giant is marketing alongside its textbooks. Not only does the software tell Hildreth which problems students are getting wrong, it tells him why they are getting them wrong, so he can tailor his class sessions to reinforce certain concepts accordingly. It also relieves him of the burden of grading homework for dozens of students — a task so time-consuming, Hildreth says, that it forces many math and science professors to extrapolate homework grades on assignments based on only a few answers. Historically, this flawed grading method has prompted professors to count homework for a disproportionately small percentage of each student’s overall grade, giving their students little incentive to spend much time on it.”

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