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Texas’ appeal averts $6.5 million cut in federal library funding

“The Texas State Library and Archives Commission has won an appeal of a September decision by the Institute of Museum and Library Services that would have cut over $6.5 million in federal funds used to support statewide library services. “This is very good news for us and Texas,” said Mark Smith, director of the library and archive commission which provides support for 560 libraries statewide. The IMLS had threatened to reduce the federal funds after the Texas Legislature slashed the 2012-2013 budget for the library and archives commission by 64 percent.” (via Star Telegram)

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Myth-busting librarians debunk rumors about Texas’ Wild West laws

“Legend has it that the long arm of Texas law once extended to hotel balconies where the men with star badges would take into custody anyone who violated a state statute forbidding people to hunt buffalo from such a perch. The legend ends at the Legislative Reference Library of Texas, where a small team of well-referenced librarians has gone through the records and sorted out fact from fiction when it comes to the laws of the Lone Star State. “The ideas of the history of Texas capture the imagination with those stories of cattle drives and the old West. People want to still think it is like that and those laws are on the books,” said Catherine Wusterhausen, the library’s assistant director.” (via Reuters)

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“Texas has seen the future of the public library, and it looks a lot like an Apple Store: Rows of glossy iMacs beckon. iPads mounted on a tangerine-colored bar invite readers. And hundreds of other tablets stand ready for checkout to anyone with a borrowing card. Even the librarians imitate Apple’s dress code, wearing matching shirts and that standard-bearer of geek-chic, the hoodie. But this $2.3 million library might be most notable for what it does not have – any actual books.” (via The Associated Press)

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Bookless Library In Texas Aims To Break Down The Barriers To Reading

“San Antonios newest library doesnt look very bookish. In fact, the BiblioTech is completely digital. Host Scott Simon speaks with Judge Nelson Wolff of Bexar County, who spearheaded the initiative, about the modern take on the traditional library.” (via NPR)

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San Antonio’s library works to keep Internet searches appropriate

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UT, A&M join forces on million-book Texas library

“Texas A&M University and The University of Texas are opening up a joint library at A&M’s Riverside campus in Bryan, according to a report on the TAMUTimes, A&M’s news site. The aim is to combine the resources of both universities to house over a million books, for academic and medical research. Other institutions will also be able to use these books for research as well. The concept of the Aggie and Longhorn rivarly isn’t lost on the brass either.” (via Houston Chronicle)

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STATE LIBRARY: $2.4 billion in economic benefits from Texas public libraries

“The Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) has released a study showing that in 2011 the economic benefit from Texas public libraries totaled an astounding $2.407 billion, while collectively the libraries cost less than $0.545 billion. The return on investment was thus $4.42 for each dollar invested.”

via Your Houston News

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UT Libraries’ Benson Collection to archive StoryCorps recordings, maintain Latino oral histories

“UT’s Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection is archiving more than 2,000 Latino oral histories in partnership with StoryCorps, a nonprofit organization that records interviews with Americans of all backgrounds. The collection, part of UT Libraries, will house and maintain the files of the StoryCorps Historias initiative featuring Latino subjects, interviewed by friends or family, sharing their experiences in recordings lasting about 30 minutes. StoryCorps has recorded more than 40,000 stories since it began in 2003 and has been featured on National Public Radio’s “Morning Edition.” StoryCorps recorded Historias interviews on campus in the spring that are now being archived on campus.”

via The Daily Texan

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Former Walmart in McAllen Is Now an Airy Public Library

“The hulking husk of a vacant Walmart here in the Rio Grande Valley is enjoying an unlikely second act. When the big-box retailer moved to a larger location down the street, the building might have been destined to house yet another large chain or to fall into disrepair. But rather than let it become an eyesore, the city scooped it up and spent $24 million transforming the drab structure into a 123,000-square-foot public library that serves as a vibrant space for residents here.”

via NYTimes

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In University Holdings, Entry to History and Culture

“At age 90, William Blair Jr., a former Negro League pitcher, Dallas-area civil rights leader and longtime newspaperman, came to the realization that much of the history he had lived through had already been forgotten by younger generations. “They don’t know. They don’t read nothing,” he said by telephone this week from his office at The Elite News, the publication he founded in 1960 to bring light to Dallas’s often-overlooked black community. He recently turned over the photographs, newspapers and memorabilia he had collected to the University of Texas at Arlington Special Collections Library. It took seven trucks to haul Mr. Blair’s collection to the university, which intends to develop a public exhibition around it.”

via NY Times

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