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Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog – Bloglines v. Google Reader

Laura "Tegan" Gjovaag does a stream of consciousness review of Google Reader while comparing it to Bloglines.  Do take a look.  I like this quote, which I was thinking too as I fell madly in love with Google Reader:

"Here’s my thoughts, as I go through the new Google Reader… First off, before I even open the thing, I’m thinking how Google is slowly taking over my life. Their e-mail system is better than many others (I love being able to put emails in multiple "folders" with the labels function, and the spam filter is better than just about anyone else), I use their search engine almost exclusively, and they’ve bought Blogger. Despite their mantra "Don’t Be Evil", they’ve made some very depressing choices regarding politics and internet freedom. Hmmm… do I really want to turn over my blog reading to them as well?"

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