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Making the Queens Library a cool spot for curious teens

“Who knew libraries could be so cool? The new Teen Space at the Central Library in Jamaica is dotted with flat-screens, bold photo murals, a gaming room and, of course, tons of those old-fashioned hand-held curios called books. “We’re about learning but we’re about having fun and learning too,” Queens Library CEO Tom Galante said last week as he officially opened the new 6,100 square-foot center.” (via NY Daily News)

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Innovations in teen services at the Oakland Public Library

“The sound of youthful laughter carries down the hallway as I approach my destination, passing an 8-foot-tall graffiti mural. From the colorful couches, collage posters, and the lively mood, my first guess for the setting of this room would probably not be the Oakland Public Library. Some may imagine the public library as a stuffy, silent echo-chamber staffed by a bunch of out-of-touch old cat ladies.” (via Oakland Local)

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Morton Grove Library lawyer scolds trustees teen employee’s removal

“Trustees at the Morton Grove Library did not stand behind their decision to remove a 16-year-old employee who was scheduled to show several R-rated movies in recent weeks. Instead, the one trustee not involved in the situation and the library’s attorney voiced concerns about potential ethics violations and potential violations to the open meetings act. “It was not ethical for a trustee to step in and do something of that nature at that moment,” said Trustee Arthur Goldstein. “The trustees work with the board and its director, not with patrons and employees.” (via Morton Grove Champion)

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Library one for the books: North Harlem center caters to teens

NY Daily News – “A performance space, a computer bar, a Blu-ray DVD player, a satellite TV. This is not your childhood library. But it is what lucky uptown kids will now have at the Hamilton Grange branch in Harlem, along with lots of books. The 4,400-square-foot, high-tech teen center opened this week, the first of its kind in northern Manhattan and the fifth teen center to be opened in the New York Public Library’s three boroughs.”

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At Tacoma Public Library, a new digital lab offers space where teens can create, learn

The News Tribune – “Just beyond the main checkout counter, in a soundproof room covered in gray egg carton foam, the future of the Tacoma Public Library is spilling out in graphics, text, video and sound.”

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Behind Books for Urban Students, an Unlikely Author

NYT – “Over the last decade, the Bluford series — a collection of 18 books about life at the fictional Bluford High School, written by a white man from the New Jersey suburbs of Philadelphia — has captivated its target audience: black and Latino urban middle and high school students who are struggling readers. The three latest installments were published in January, and two more are expected in the fall.”

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Social Media and Young Adults

Pew – “Two Pew Internet Project surveys of teens and adults reveal a decline in blogging among teens and young adults and a modest rise among adults 30 and older. Even as blogging declines among those under 30, wireless connectivity continues to rise in this age group, as does social network use. Teens ages 12-17 do not use Twitter in large numbers, though high school-aged girls show the greatest enthusiasm for the application.”

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Trouble touches an urban oasis

Boston Globe – “Struggling to keep peace at new Mattapan library”

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Teens take over library, olds gasp

SF Bay Guardian – “Friday night at the library! Sure, when I was 17 you couldn’t have gotten me there with a sharp stick and an unmarked van, but back then I was doing more meaningful things like chugging Mike’s Hard Lemonade and straightening my hair.”

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City library shouldn’t have banned teens

Sudbury Star – “The library justified its actions by stating there were youth in the library causing frequent disruption and, sometimes, even engaging in criminal activity (for example, a staff member's vehicle was broken into). In general, the library claimed that the youth were using the Mackenzie Street branch as a hangout during school hours and were making it difficult for staff members, and other library patrons.”

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