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Librarian + Internet = Better Tomatoes

I love this!!

Valley libraries flip a page in the digital age

ABC15 – “Valley librarians are working hard to make sure their books don’t collect dust in the digital age. In the era of instant downloads, when even big chain bookstores are closing, are public libraries still relevant? The numbers illustrate an interesting story. Rita Marko with the Phoenix Public Library tells ABC15 that physical visitors to the libraries are down 9 percent since 2010, online users are quite strong at 24 million hits so far this year. That’s on par with numbers from 2010.”

Online ordering makes library a victim of its success

Chicago Tribune – “When Ruth Lednicer recently placed a hold in the Chicago Public Library system for the cookbook “Fix It and Forget It” at the start of the year, she never guessed the book would take nearly a month to arrive.

Of course, Lednicer had a bit more sympathy for those who processed her book request within the Harold Washington Library because she works there as the director of marketing.

For the rest of the Chicago’s 1.9 million library cardholders, the extended waits for materials they placed on hold at the start of the year were more of a mysterious hassle.”

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High school libraries enter the 21st century

Ottawa Citizen – “The first thing Janice O’Neill did when she became librarian at St. Mark Catholic High School in Manotick was tear up the No Talking sign.

She also ripped up the No Eating sign, stopped charging students for printing stuff off the Internet and said goodbye to the card catalogue.

Now she’s clearing the tidy shelves of encyclopedias and other out-of-date reference books jammed with facts that are a click away thanks to Google.”

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University of Chicago’s Robotic Library Makes Your Librarian Obsolete

Gizmodo – “Tomorrow, The University of Chicago will be changing how their students will be doing their research papers. The Joe and Rika Mansueto Library will use a massive automated retrieval system, turning the whole library experience on it’s head.”

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