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The powerful and mysterious brain circuitry that makes us love Google, Twitter, and texting

Slate Magazine – “How the brain hard-wires us to love Google, Twitter, and texting. And why that’s dangerous.”

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Don’t be 404, know the tech slang

BBC – “A study of new slang terms entering English finds that technology is driving and perpetuating them.”

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Uncircle the wagons – digital natives are here

Mitch Joel – “Is your company blocking access to YouTube? Can no one get on Facebook or check out MySpace? Is your IT department still trying to sell your senior management on the absurd notion that allowing people to access websites that have Flash animation on them could cause some kind of security breach, or worse, cripple your entire technological infrastructure with a deadly computer virus?”

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Internet brings families closer, study says

Los Angeles Times – “A national study released today by the Pew Internet & American Life Project said that the ubiquity of cellphones and computers among kids may actually be a good thing for families.”

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Technology Doesn’t Dumb Us Down. It Frees Our Minds

NYT – "To save you some time, I was going to give you a 100-word abridged version. But there are just too many distractions to read that much. So here is the 140-character Twitter version"

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Everybody’s Business – Connected, Yes, but Hermetically Sealed

NYT – “What if we didn’t have cellphones or P.D.A.’s? We would still have duties and families and bosses, but they would not be at our heels, yipping at us constantly, barking at us to do this or that or worry about this or that. We would have some moat of time and space around ourselves. Not now.”

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Pulling the plug and loving it

Family Man Librarian – “Not only does it save us money, it helps us to raise our kids in an environment where we don’t have to worry about bad content continually popping up during a show we might be watching.”

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Are libraries keeping up with technology demands?

video from KSTP

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The Technological Divide Between Parents and Their Children

Bits – “Who would have thought that the technological divide between teenagers, who love to send text messages, and their parents, some who are just learning how to do so on their cell phones, would have been such a hot topic in Sunday’s paper?”

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I Need a Virtual Break. No, Really

New York Times – “I TOOK a real day off this weekend: computers shut down, cellphone left in my work bag, land-line ringer off. I was fully disconnected for 24 hours.”

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