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Teachers are Becoming More Hip To Wikipedia

The Next Web – “Wikipedia hasn’t won the war against dead-tree companies yet, but research shows that the education system is slowly adopting it as tool in the classroom. As of 2012, 73% of teachers prohibit the use of Wikipedia for research by their students. That’s down from 86% in 2005, and shows a steady rise of adoption. The likely reason for things not moving along faster is that Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, causing concern about the accuracy of its information. Even though teachers aren’t completely sold, nearly 8 out of every 10 students still turn to Wikipedia first for research purposes.”

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A Poetic Mentor Who Minces Few Words

NYT – “The woman climbs the stairs in the shabby East Village tenement and enters while Larry Fagin is finishing a call with another poetry student. “How’s Aiden? Is he old enough to go to college yet?” Mr. Fagin asks the man on the phone, making small talk. He motions for the woman to take a seat at the dining table, where her most recent poem is up on his computer screen. “O.K. Send money,” he barks and hangs up. Mr. Fagin turns his attention to the woman, Jennifer Kietzman, 40, a due-diligence investigator from Borough Park, Brooklyn, with a full head of wild red curls. She leans over his shoulder as he dives into a wham-bam frenzy of changing word tenses, deleting entire lines and replacing words with synonyms.”

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Ed secretary: judge teachers on how students do

The Associated Press – “Teachers should be judged on student performance, though not solely on test scores, Education Secretary Arne Duncan said Monday. Duncan supports merit pay for teachers, an often controversial practice linking raises or bonuses to student achievement. It is opposed by many teachers' union members, who make up a powerful segment of the Democratic Party.”

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At Charter School, Higher Teacher Pay

New York Times – “Would six-figure salaries attract better teachers?”

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Here’s a First

KWTX – “An English teacher in Tuscola has been placed on paid leave and faces possible criminal charges in a book dispute. A student’s parents complained to law officers that a ninth-grade class reading list contained a 1974 book about a murderer who has sex with the bodies of his victims.

I’m sure there will be more to this story.

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