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Searching with Tags: Do Tags Help Users Find Things?

E-LIS – “This study examines the question of whether tags can be useful in the process of information retrieval. Participants were asked to search a social bookmarking tool specialising in academic articles (CiteULike) and an online journal database (Pubmed) in order to determine if users found tags were useful in their search process. The actions of each participants were captured using screen capture software and they were asked to describe their search process. The preliminary study showed that users did indeed make use of tags in their search process, as a guide to searching and as hyperlinks to potentially useful articles. However, users also made use of controlled vocabularies in the journal database.”

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New Tagging Tool at University of Michigan Library

RSS4Lib – “I’d like to talk about a tagging project we just launched at my workplace” (via)

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Public Records Wire

Public Records Wire – “An open system for cataloging, sharing and discovering new public records databases. The system promotes the databases that are most used and voted upon with the goal of enhancing overall quality of public records databases.”

Public records databases and tagging. Who would have thunk it? (via)

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Engineering Village Does Tagging

Paul R. Pival on the cool new tagging feature at Engineering Village, screenshots and all.  More from the press release.

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