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A new read on Salt Lake City library: It’s now a great place to work

“Three years after its embattled director resigned amid an employee uprising, the Salt Lake City Public Library now ranks as one of the best places to work along the Wasatch Front. So, too, does the Salt Lake County Library System, according to a survey by Philadelphia-based WorkplaceDynamics. When former Salt Lake City Library Director Beth Elder stepped down in October 2011, staffers were both rebellious and demoralized. But this past summer’s employee survey lists the city library system 15th among midsize companies of any stripe — whether public, private, nonprofit or governmental.” (via The Salt Lake Tribune)

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A new way of looking at public library engagement in America

“We recently released our latest report, a typology of public library engagement in America. Using the data behind our previous report on how people value libraries in their communities, this typology divides Americans into nine groups that reflect different patterns of public library engagement along a general spectrum of high, medium, low, and non-engagement.” (via Pew Internet Libraries)

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Preview of FY 2011 Public Libraries Survey Available

“The Institute of Museum and Library Services has made available a preview of the Fiscal Year 2011 Public Libraries in the United States Survey. Now in its twenty-fourth year, the Public Library Survey gathers data from more than 98 percent of public libraries across the country. In FY 2011, there were 8,956 public libraries in the United States, which served 299.9 million people or 95.3 percent of the U.S. population.” (via IMLS)

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Survey report on the benefits of attending IFLA conferences is published

“In early 2013, the Library and Research Services for Parliaments Section received funds for a project to evaluate the benefits of attending IFLA conferences.  Moira Fraser Consulting won the bid to perform the work, and conducted a survey of Section members in July 2013. Sixty-five members from 44 countries responded to the survey.” (via IFLA)

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International Survey of Academic Library Data Curation Practices – 2013 Study with Results from 30 Major Universities]

“Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “International Survey of Academic Library Data Curation Practices” report to their offering. “International Survey of Academic Library Data Curation Practices” This survey looks closely at the data curation practices of a sample of research-oriented universities largely from the USA, the UK, Australia and Scandinavia but also including India, South Africa and other countries. The study looks at how major universities are assisting faculty in developing data curation and management plans for large scale data projects, largely in the sciences and social sciences, often as pre-conditions for major grants. The report looks at which departments of universities are shouldering the data curation burden, the personnel involved in the efforts, the costs involved, types of software used, difficulties in procuring scientific experiment logs and other hard to obtain information, types of training offered to faculty, and other issues in large scale data management.” (via Business Wire)

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Survey of Faculty Attitudes on Technology

“Online education arguably came of age in the last year, with the explosion of massive open online courses driving the public’s (and politicians’) interest in digitally delivered courses and contributing to the perception that they represent not only higher education’s future, but its present. Faculty members, by and large, still aren’t buying — and they are particularly skeptical about the value of MOOCs, Inside Higher Ed’s new Survey of Faculty Attitudes on Technology suggests.” (via Inside Higher Ed)

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Student Attitudes Toward Content in Higher Education Volume 3

“Student use of alternative and illicit course materials is on the rise, according to new research from the Book Industry Study Group (BISG)’s ongoing survey of Student Attitudes Toward Content in Higher Education. The second installment in Volume Three of the study, which is powered by Bowker Market Research, shows that the percentage of students reporting they had downloaded course content from an unauthorized Web site has risen steadily to 34 percent from 20 percent when it was first measured in 2010. Over the same period, the percent of students saying they photocopied or scanned chapters of textbooks from other students rose from 21 percent to 31 percent.” (via BISG)

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Law Librarians Survey: The New Normal

“By now, its a phrase that law firm library directors likely hear in their sleep. “Do more with less” was a mantra through the recession; it guided library strategies and triggered cuts to staff, collections, and physical space. But now its become more than just a motto—its standard operating procedure in a fledgling, uneven recovery. The American Lawyers 12th annual Law Librarian Survey finds that, financial uptick not- withstanding, the pressure to contain costs continues, clients are even more reluctant to pay for research than they were a year ago, and negotiations with vendors—never exactly a festive occasion—are still often contentious.” (via American Lawyer)

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PACER Survey Shows Rise in User Satisfaction

“PACER has seen a sharp rise in overall user satisfaction since a comparable survey was conducted in 2009, with 90 percent of users saying they are satisfied or highly satisfied with the internet-based public case information system. That compares with 75 percent satisfaction with the overall user experience in the previous survey. Conversely, only 3 percent of users consider themselves “dissatisfied,” compared with 15 percent four years ago. On a scale of 1 to 5, users also gave a higher average overall satisfaction rating: 4.26 in 2012, versus 3.97 in 2009. The findings, prepared by an independent consultant, were based on an analysis of 1,752 completed surveys, representing a response rate of 20 percent from a randomly selected pool of users.” (via United States Courts)

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Students, Professors Still Not Yet Ready for Digital Textbooks

“The e-textbook “revolution” is still waiting to start. Students and professors are still not adopting the use of digital textbooks in any great numbers, according to the latest data from Bowker Market Research, presented today in a Digital Book World webcast. Further, the percentage of students who are using them has remained flat over the past few semesters. While publishers are increasingly creating and selling digital materials and students increasingly have the devices on which to consume that content, only 3% of students last semester used a digital textbook as their primary course material (for a specific course). That’s down from 4% for the fall semester.” (via Digital Book World)

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