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Another Steve Cohen.

Steve Cohen (D-Tenn) in an interview on The Sleuth – “Yes, I am the first Jewish congressman from Tennessee. There are stories about Davy Crockett, but they’re not verified. In the autopsy they thought maybe he was Jewish. Could have been an Indian thing.”

Not Library-related. I just liked the quote. Oh, and the name.

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Worldcat Identities

Tim O’Reilly on Worldcat Identities:

"A lot of people think that there’s a single big identity play out there, and focus on technology solutions, but it seems to me that in true bottom-up internet style, we may eventually build our online identities out of a mashup of all the tracks we already leave in cyberspace. (Seth Goldstein has been exploring this idea with Attention Trust.)

One more small step in this direction was released by the OCLC (Online Computer Library Center) last week. It’s a prototype of an author identity system that shows holdings of books by any author in all of the libraries tracked by OCLC in its worldcat system. (Worldcat is pretty interesting all on its own — it lets you search for books in any library. It’s a "catalog of catalogs" just like the internet is a "network of networks.")"

Great concept.  I use Worldcat.org at least 5 times per day.  This new system does need a bit of work though.  Take, for example, a search for my name.  By looking at my identity page, you would think that I have written more than just one book.  Indeed, many people have asked how I have the time to study keeping current and social zionism.  😉

I’m not sure where the issue is.  It could be with the cataloguers that inputed the data or with OCLC.  I’m not a cataloguer and far from an expert at this stuff, but I can tell that an error has occured.  Any thoughts?

BTW, I love that my blog is in there as well.  Hmm, here’s a book that I came across by looking at su:Librarians Blogs.

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