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Steven Bell’s Keeping Up Web Site

He’s updated it, with a shiny new domain. Thanks StevenB

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More on Anonymous Blogging

Steven Bell – “I’d like to add to the ongoing conversation about anonymous blogging, I agree that it has its place. I’ve noted that a number of faculty blogs are anonymous, and I can understand someone being concerned about their views impacting on their current job or future opportunities. However I have a problem with anonymous bloggers who use their posts to insult or criticize the work of others.”

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Faculty Blogs

Steven Bell – “But what about faculty blogs. There are plenty of them, but how many do you read on a regular basis? Do you know if any of your faculty have a blog? It seems that academic librarians should incorporate a few faculty blogs into their personal professional development regimen much in the way they should be keeping up with higher education news and events.”

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Marketing Issues?

Steven Bell – “Just exactly what do non-librarians think of the myriad library databases they can access courtesy of their local library. Not much apparently.

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