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Legal iPhone Apps – Is there a Librarian for that?

Steve Matthews – “[A]fter reading Bob Ambrogi’s post this AM critiquing FR Evidence, a (U.S. based) iPhone app, which promised “to provide the complete text of the Federal Rules of Evidence” but is missing a rule (502) that was added in Sept. 19, 2008, I am concerned.”

Me too. Yikes!

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Welcome to the Gong Show!

Steve Matthews – “Sorry, but if you want to ‘gong’ my blog, then start blogging yourself. Then we can have a real conversation.”

Great post, Steve. Most of my blog is “filler”. 😉

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Quickscribe Launches BC Legislation Portal!

Reason number 165 why Steve Matthews rocks!

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Lexblog Interview on Law Firm SEO

Steve Matthews – “I’m going to break a personal rule today.”

Great interview. If you think that SEO is evil, think again.

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Take a look at what Steve Matthews did. Very cool!

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