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Tabitha and Stephen King Foundation Award Grants

“During the month of August several Maine libraries reported receiving news that they had been awarded grants from the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation. Once again, Maine libraries are so fortunate to benefit from the generosity of this Foundation. Libraries have shared with us their delight in learning that their library was a recipient of a grant from the Kings in this latest round of awards. Keep in mind that the list includes only those libraries that shared this information with the Maine State Library.” (via Maine State Library)

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Stephen King’s Scary Library Needs $9 Million Repair: Muni Deals

“Readers of Stephen King’s novel “It” know the Bangor Public Library as a hiding spot for the title character, a deranged clown on a murderous rampage. In real life, the library is falling apart. Voters in the Maine riverfront town of 33,000 will decide tomorrow whether to back a $3 million tax-exempt bond issue to help repair the library’s 101-year-old copper roof. A “yes” vote would help unlock a matching gift from Bangor’s most famous couple, Stephen and Tabitha King.” (via Businessweek)

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Stephen King, wife pledge $3M to Maine library

“Stephen King and his wife have agreed to pay $3 million to overhaul their century-old hometown library in Maine, as long as $6 million is raised from other sources. Tabitha King, the author’s wife, serves on the building committee of the Bangor Public Library, which is planning a $9 million modernization. She’s also a former longtime board member.” (via AP)

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Stephen King’s ‘Different Seasons': Banned, briefly, at Rocklin High School

“Think about Stephen King books with disturbing themes and the tale of the Overlook, a malevolent hotel, might come to mind, or Christine, a malevolent Plymouth. As a bestselling horror novelist, King made his bones and his fortune by frightening the wits out of readers. Yet it was his collection of non-horror novellas with themes more societal than scary that was briefly banned this month from a high school outside Sacramento.”

via LA Times.com

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Publisher-agent who championed Stephen King dies

AP – “Elaine Koster, a publisher and literary agent with a knack for new talent who gave a second chance to an obscure horror writer named Stephen King and took on an unknown Khaled Hosseini and “The Kite Runner,” has died. * Tweet Be the first to Tweet this! * people Dugg this0diggsdigg * Yahoo! Buzz ShareThis Koster died Tuesday at age 69 at St. Luke’s Hospital in New York, according to Hosseini’s publisher, Penguin Group (USA). The cause of death was not immediately available.”

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Over Fifteen Pounds of Book!!–Knowing Darkness: Artists Inspired by Stephen King

Shelfari Blog – “Some books make you feel like Captain Ahab pursuing the white whale. They come smashing through the door, so heavy that because it’s a book and you’ve forgotten books can be huge, you almost hurt yourself lugging it through the house to the livingroom. Knowing Darkness: Artists Inspired by Stephen King is one of those books. It’s the brainchild of Centipede Press and its founder Jerad Walters, who has established a reputation for doing the impossible, with such juggernauts as A Lovecraft Retrospective: Artists Inspired by Lovecraft”

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Stephen King on J.D. Salinger: ‘The last of the great post-WWII American writers’

Stephen King – “I wasn’t a huge Salinger fan, but I’m sorry to hear of his passing — the way you’d feel if you heard an eccentric, short-tempered, but often fascinating uncle had passed away.”

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Stephen King: My Top 10 Books of 2009

His list, published in EW

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Stephen King planning possible sequel to The Shining

Torontoist – “Last night at Toronto’s packed Canon Theatre, fans of Stephen King were treated to a 15-minute reading from the author’s new novel, Under the Dome, and nearly an hour’s worth of typically funny anecdotes and keen observations during an on-stage interview with director David Cronenberg. Then King dropped a fan bombshell on the crowd by casually describing a novel idea he began working on last summer. Seems King was wondering whatever happened to Danny Torrance of The Shining, who when readers last saw him was recovering from his ordeal at the Overlook Hotel at a resort in Maine with fellow survivors Wendy Torrance and chef Dick Halloran (who dies in the Kubrick film version). King remarked that though he ended his 1977 novel on a positive note, the Overlook was bound to have left young Danny with a lifetime’s worth of emotional scars. What Danny made of those traumatic experiences, and with the psychic powers that saved him from his father at the Overlook, is a question that King believes might make a damn fine sequel.”

OK, maybe not

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Give That Girl a (Book) Jacket

Booklist Onlin – “We all know Stephen King wrote The Body, but this is probably the first time he’s written on a body. The July issue of Esquire features a new story by King, “Morality,” the first few lines of which have been lovingly painted across the bod of Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli.”

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