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Expert: Libraries need to embrace change to remain vital

“Libraries have a public image problem, says Stephan Abram, executive director of the Federation of Ontario Public Libraries. Rebranding that image and embracing change is the best way to ensure libraries remain a vital part of every community, Abram said in Guelph recently. “We can’t control change only our attitude toward change,” said Abram.” (via GuelphToday.com)

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20 Things to Watch

Stephen Abram – “So, what’s on my list of things to pay extra special attention to?”

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Did Stephen Abram Really Write This?

I’m getting a 404 when I try to access the permalink, so I took a screenshot from the main page.


Wow! Even Abram, the smartest librarian in the world, thinks that Google doesn’t care about libraries. I agree. They don’t.

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We <3 You Stephen

Mr. Abram, one of the best in the biz, has a moving post today.

I love ya buddy.

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Abram on PDFs

Stephen Abram – “I actually hate PDF’s.”

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