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Numbers Games

Louise Story – “[T]he Internet has given publishers a new form of ammunition: raw server data with precise numbers of site visits and page views. This data does not correlate directly to the number of visitors, but it does give them ballpark figures that they say are far more accurate than the extrapolations drawn by ratings companies based on panel sampling”

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I Blog For Attention

Mike Arrington – “If you find yourself in a rut and turning into one of the complainers, ask yourself if you are writing because you want attention, or because you love to write”

I started LS to force myself to keep current. Now, I continue to blog for currency/attention/marketing. I think we need to stop kidding ourselves on why we blog. Don’t we all like a little attention?

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Connections and Stats

Dave Winer – “Ultimately what matters to me is not how many people subscribe to my feed, rather how much of a connection I can make with the people I want to connect with.”

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Subscribers Now Up To 2,674


Google must be making some changes. 😉

Update: From the Google Reader Blog – “These numbers include subscribers across all Google services, including Reader, iGoogle, and Orkut. You can see them in Reader’s feed search results (pictured below) and the Google Webmaster Tools. Additionally, our crawler reports them to the publisher each time we fetch the feed. Reader’s feed search was recently showing stale and incomplete data, but as of today (October 15) the numbers should be the same everywhere.”

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The Top 25

Jennifer Pinkowski – “So who are the 25 most popular library bloggers?”

I was contacted by the author, but work and life prevented me from responding. I’m glad I didn’t. If you like a blog, read it. if you don’t, don’t. It’s a very simple concept.

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