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Web Junction Stats

Chrystie Hill – “I’m real proud of the WJ this week because I learned that our unique visitors was well over 70,000 strong last month.”

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More on the Top 25

Phil Bradley – “it gives me a chance to take a poke around at some new weblogs, which has to be a good thing.”

That seems to be the consensus, of which I wholeheartedly agree. More librar* blogs in my aggregator. 🙂

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More on Rankings

Walt Crawford (Who points out that he is not a librarian…again) – “Rankings are fun, we’re going to get “graded” whether we like it or not, and it’s also all a little silly. But fun.”

Walt – You’re a librarian. Sorry to break it to ya. MLS or not. You ARE a librarian.

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Great Stats for August

I’m no Instapundit, but I did hit a record number of Pageviews this August. With your clicks, I (I really should say We) topped 1.1 Million! Thanks again for your continued reading.


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Reading More

CNET – “Internet users are spending more time looking at content and less time communicating with others, according to an index of Nielsen/Net Rating statistics released by the Online Publishers Association (OPA).” (via)

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More Stats

The number of subscribers [PDF] to my feed in Google Reader. Ignore the duplicate Feed IDs and add up the rest. Of course, this doesn’t mean eyeballs, just subscribers.

Rough estimate? 3,000. Wow! Thanks.

Learn how to do it for your feed.

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Latest Google Reader Stats


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Thanks a Million

Taking a look at May’s stats (I check them once or twice a month), I was thrilled to see that, for the first time ever, Library Stuff had over 1 Million page views. I know, not an exact science, (and I would have to account for spammers), but I’m going to be happy anyway despite the statistical naysayers.

In two months, Library Stuff turns 7 and, despite a few setbacks over the past few years, it’s back to being fun and exciting. And that’s the way it should be.

Thanks a million!!

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