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Census Bureau Releases Its First Mobile App Providing Real-Time Statistics on U.S. Economy

“The U.S. Census Bureau today released its first-ever mobile application, “America’s Economy,” which will provide constantly updated statistics on the U.S. economy, including monthly economic indicators, trends, along with a schedule of upcoming announcements. The app, which is currently available for Android mobile device users, combines statistics from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Census Bureau, Bureau of Economic Analysis, and the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. America’s Economy is the first mobile app from the Census Bureau that provides smartphone and tablet users with the real-time government statistics that drive business hiring, sales and production decisions and assist economists, researchers, planners and policymakers. The economic indicators track monthly and quarterly trends in industries, such as employment, housing construction, international trade, personal income, retail sales and manufacturing.”

via U.S. Census Bureau

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Amazon sells more e-books than print titles in the UK

“Amazon, which owns the Kindle, a popular e-reader, has revealed that in the UK it is selling 114 e-books to every 100 printed hardbacks and paperbacks. The trend for digital books outselling printed books on the popular e-reading platform has been the case for the last few years in the US, but had yet to happen in the UK. Jorrit Van der Meulen, vice president of Kindle EU, said: “As a result of the success of Kindle, we’re selling more books than ever before for authors and publishers.”

via Telegraph

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The Most-Cited Law Review Articles of All Time

WSJ – “The law professor equivalent of career hits is the “number of times cited” in journals. The stat is a measure of influence, not stroke, but a high citation count open doors, just the same. Institutions consider them when doling out grant awards, awarding tenure or making promotion decisions. “Three thousand hits means you’ve had a great career. I’d say 3,000 citations means you’re one of the all time citation champions,” said Fred Shapiro, an associate librarian at Yale Law School, who recently finished his third study on the most-cited law review articles of all time, with co-author Michelle Pearse, a Harvard librarian.”

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OverDrive to Preview Library eBook Data at London Book Fair

Press Release – “OverDrive (www.overdrive.com) will announce at the London Book Fair (Booth X700) April 16-18, the first of a series of “Big Data” reports analyzing billions of eBook impressions and other data collected from across its network of 18,000 public and school libraries. Data from OverDrive’s global library network to be made available to participating libraries and publishers includes information about eBook and digital audiobook title circulation, book demand and holds as well as web traffic and general demographics. OverDrive’s data reports were developed in compliance with library privacy policies and do not include any identifying user information.”

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Academic Libraries in Flux

Inside Higher Education – “Some campus libraries might be under pressure to cut costs, but as of 2010 academic libraries were spending more money than they were before the financial downturn that started in 2008, according to new data released Tuesday by the Education Department. In the latest in a series of occasional surveys, the National Center for Education Statistics collected data from nearly 3,700 academic libraries, accounting for 86 percent of all libraries at two- and four-year institutions.”

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More Than a Passing Fancy: Ongoing BISG Study Reveals E-Book Buyers Deepening Commitment to Digital Formats

Press Release – “E-book sales can be expected to continue growing as readers show increased loyalty to and satisfaction with the digital format, according to Book Industry Study Group’s (BISG) closely watched Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading survey. Results of the final installment in Volume Two of the survey show that nearly 50% of print book consumers who have also acquired an e-book in the past 18 months would wait up to three months for the e-version of a book from a favorite author, rather than immediately read it in print. A year ago, only 38% said they would wait this long.”

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BookStats Survey Finds Industry on Growth Curve

Book Business Mag – “Preliminary results from an ambitious new book publishing industry survey show growth in both revenues and units sold across the contemporary book publishing landscape.

The “BookStats” survey, which was unveiled today at Book Expo America, resulted from a partnership between the Association of American Publishers (AAP) and the Book Industry Study Group (BISG). It incorporates net sales revenue and unit data from more than 1100 U.S. publishers, from those with over $500 million in sales to the smallest. Publishers in the survey had to have at least one ISBN published in the past three years as recorded by RR Bowker.

“From these 1100 source pubs we see units from last three years are up, and we also see, more importantly, that dollars are up,” said Kelly Gallagher , vice president of publishing services at RR Bowker. “Year over year we have positive percentage gains for our industry in these two areas … Folks, that is really good news.”

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