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An Oyster, Filled With Books, to Open on Staten Island – NYTimes.com

“No one has to tell Mohammed Iddrisu that a public library branch is long overdue in his neighborhood, Mariners Harbor, on the north shore of Staten Island. Mr. Iddrisu, 61, raised three school-age children on South Avenue. When they went to the library — and Mr. Iddrisu said he made sure they did so regularly — they had to travel two and a half miles to the Port Richmond branch. Including the wait for a bus, the trip could take an hour or so.” (via NYTimes.com)

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The New York Public Library reopens its newly-renovated and expanded Stapleton branch with celebration on June 11

“The New York Public Library has reopened its Stapleton branch on Staten Island, offering patrons a newly-renovated library that is more than double its original size, and that seamlessly combines the charm of an original “Carnegie Library” with a beautiful and highly-functional modern addition. The one-story, 12,000-square foot branch at 132 Canal Street was officially opened in a public ribbon-cutting ceremony on June 11 with community leaders and library staff. The United States Coast Guard participated in the event, attended by excited residents and nearby students. A day of public programs for all ages followed.” (via The New York Public Library)

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