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Judicata Raises $5.8M Second Round to Build Out Advanced Legal Research Systems; Keith Rabois Joins Board

“At a high level, Judicata turns unstructured legal text into structured data, and then provides lawyers with a smart interface to that data. The company uses the more user-friendly tagline “mapping the legal genome.” The goal is not to replace lawyers, but to use technology to make them better. Judicata does this with a combination of automated, semi-automated, and manual tools, processes and people on the backend.” (via TechCrunch)

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This Startup Could Wipe Out CliffNotes

“Rap Genius, the lyrics site that breaks down the meaning behind rap songs, has launched a new project called Poetry Brain. Instead of annotating rap songs, Poetry Brain offers crowdsourced annotations of classic literary texts, poetry, academic papers, and even political speeches. “We hope to make it the best annotated library on the web,” Rap Genius’ Austin Allen, who’s leading the charge on Poetry Brain, tells Business Insider. “We’re hoping for any given text to provide the best possible close reading of the text line by line.

via Business Insider

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Startup Turns Research Databases Into Searchable Notecards

Mashable – “Citelighter, a browser extension for collecting notes online, is teaming up with Cengage Learning to turn paid research databases such as Questia into a stack of free virtual note cards.

With Citelighter’s first product, students can highlight any text on any web page and click a “capture” button to save it in a virtual notebook. When it’s time to write, they can visit the notebook to view all of their highlights from across the web, reorder them and add comments to create an outline. Citelighter automatically puts together a citation page.

On Tuesday, the startup announced Citelighter Pro, which builds on this functionality by recommending articles from Cengage Learning’s research databases — the kind usually purchased by libraries and schools — based on what a student is researching.”

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After launching three digital libraries, Patrick Spain tests First Stop Health

Crain’s – “When it comes to aggregating information, Patrick Spain knows his stuff. The co-founder of business database Hoover’s Inc., Mr. Spain went on to launch HighBeam Research Inc., a repository of news articles, and Newser LLC, a Chicago-based feed of news summaries. Now he is testing another information service. Called First Stop Health, his venture provides members with electronic health records, 24/7 access to physicians for advice and diagnosis and help in navigating insurance to get coverage. Members also have access to thousands of articles on disease and treatment and a database of almost 800,000 physicians and 18,000 urgent care facilities. The cost starts at $250 a year.”

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Toronto startup drags NY libraries into the future

Globe & Mail – “Remember when you went to a library, browsed, signed out a book and left? Before the dot-com explosion, the library was a knowledge warehouse. But times have changed, and libraries are struggling to adapt. BiblioCommons, an 18-employee company from Toronto, is trying to bodycheck the library industry into the information age in such places as New York, Chicago and Ottawa. Taking the lead from social media, BiblioCommons, which launched in 2006 with funding from Knowledge Ontario, private investors and subscriptions, brings book readers, movie watchers and music listeners together.”

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