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The 2009 Anti-Spam Measures Survey

European Network and information Security Agency – “The survey aims to determine how e-mail service providers are combating spam on their networks. It helps identifying the state of the fight against spam and helps service providers to learn from their peers throughout Europe. Overall, we hope that this research will aid the industry‚Äôs understanding and development of best practices in the fight against spam.”

Read the report and some slides

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Long Live Spam

Jon Swartz – “Why, in 2007, is spam worse than ever? Let exasperated consumers count the ways: PDF spam. MP3 spam. Pump-and-dump spam. E-card spam.” (via)

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Tim Goes Off On Shelfari

Tim Spalding – “We respect our competitors with one exception: the site “Shelfari.com.”

Shame on Shelfari. I, for one, will not blog about them anymore, unless they change their practices.

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