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Reinventing study spaces for tech savvy students

“In the 1930s, UC Berkeley’s Moffitt Library was known as the place to go to get a date. In the 1980s, it was known as a place for socializing, mainly among the school’s Greek community. In 2015, the library, while still an active meeting space, is becoming known as an intellectual hub or incubator, thanks to renovations currently happening to the venerable building. Libraries like Moffitt reflect a changing trend of student study spaces that are doing away with stacks of books (many are online, after all) and creating environments where students can prepare themselves for the rigors of the 21st century workforce.” (via SF Gate)

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The Library as a Makerspace

“Libraries are no longer simply a holding area for books, they are community hubs. People gather at the library to share ideas and enrich their lives. Computers and internet are now standard in libraries and are often in demand. Unemployed individuals can come to the library and apply for jobs. Kids can do their homework (or play games) at the library. But did you know that libraries are now becoming much more than books, computers and internet? Libraries are becoming creation spaces, often called maker spaces (or makerspaces).”

via Between the Lines

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Faculty Senate debates proposed library transformation, finds a service solution

“A disagreement between seating space and book space in Mary Couts Burnett Library [at Texas Christian University] surfaced at the Faculty Senate meeting on Thursday. Jean Koelker, dean of the library, presented a PowerPoint to Senate members outlining the future transformation of the library, called The Library of Tomorrow.

Koelker said at least one million of the 1.4 million books in the library will be taken out to provide more seating for students. “One of the biggest problems with the library is that it is out of book space,” Koelker said. “To make room for books, we have to make less and less seating and that isn’t working.”

via TCU 360.

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